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BIR 2024

3rd National Meeting of ANCAV Members Focus on the Green Parts Market

The 3rd National Meeting of ANCAV Members, held on June 20th, focused on the Green Parts market; the theme – Green Piece – The Future and the Challenges. The event brought together industry experts, representatives from various organisations, and ANCAV members to discuss crucial issues surrounding the Green Parts sector. Prominent speakers, including Vitor Pereira from ANCAV, Daniel Dias from Athena Software, and Rui Berkemaier from ZERO, shed light on key topics and shared valuable insights.


3rd National Meeting of ANCAV Members Focus on the Green Parts Market p

ANCAV, the Portuguese National Association of Automotive Vehicle Parts, hosted the event to address the growing significance of the Green Parts market. With environmental concerns taking centre stage, the meeting aimed to explore the future prospects and challenges faced by the industry. Representatives from the Portuguese Environment Agency, Value and Sogilub were in attendance.

3rd National Meeting of ANCAV Members Focus on the Green Parts Market p two

During the meeting, Rui Berkemaier from ZERO presented the initiatives undertaken by the organisation to combat the illegal trade in used parts. He emphasised their collaboration with ASAE, the Portuguese Food and Economic Safety Authority, to raise awareness about this issue. Rui Berkemaier also expressed concern regarding the dismantling of End-of-Life Vehicles (ELVs) outside licensed centers, highlighting the associated hazards and risks posed by improper waste management.

3rd National Meeting of ANCAV Members Focus on the Green Parts Market p three

Daniel Dias, representing Athena Software, shared compelling figures that showcased the importance of digitalisation for the growth of companies in the Green Parts market. He highlighted the challenges and stages that companies typically experience during the digitalisation process. Moreover, he emphasised that the current conditions are favourable for the positive growth of the Green Parts sector in the upcoming years, benefiting both companies and the industry as a whole.

3rd National Meeting of ANCAV Members Focus on the Green Parts Market p four

Vítor Pereira, the president of ANCAV, addressed the audience and revealed the association’s commitment to combating the illegal trade in used parts. He mentioned that ANCAV and the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) are working closely to clarify legislation and enforce effective bans on this trade. Furthermore, he announced that ANCAV is in the advanced stages of creating a distinctive accreditation mark for Green Pieces, aiming to enhance consumer trust and promote sustainable practices within the industry.

The discussion on Green Taxation was another significant aspect of the meeting. It was clarified that following a meeting with the APA, the entity expressed its intention to include Green Parts in the green taxation project to be submitted to the Ministry of Finance. This acknowledgement underscored the efforts to incorporate sustainability into the economic framework. The open debate that followed demonstrated the harmony among the attending entities, including APA, VALORCAR, and ANCAV. The alignment of ideas and the willingness to collaborate within their respective areas of expertise showcased a collective determination to address the main challenges identified and develop impactful solutions.