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Advanced Technology in the Brazilian Automotive Recycling Industry

Gabriel Menezes, founder of VAAPT Technology and Consulting, shares the transformation of the auto recycling sector in Brazil.


Advanced Technology in the Brazilian Automotive Recycling Industry p one
Gabriel Menezes

Since childhood, I had the opportunity to spend time in salvage yards owned by my father and his business partners. I realized that during that time, all vehicle dismantling processes in Brazil followed similar methods, which were no longer suitable for our technological era. This experience and a visit to an ARA Expo in 2018 sparked my desire for change. Driven by determination, I embarked on a mission to modernize the sector. 

The journey to transform automotive recycling in Brazil began through a partnership, culminating in the foundation of ‘VAAPT Technology and Consulting for Salvage Yards.’ My collaboration with a programmer resulted in a sophisticated software solution tailored to the unique needs of our industry. This not only marked the software’s inception but also the start of comprehensive consulting services. Our approach encompasses inventory management, process standardization, and hands-on support during implementation.

Four years on, our efforts have borne fruit. We have 380 clients using our software, and the impact on the industry is undeniable. A transformative process optimized business operations, enabling them to have accurate information about parts in stock and transition their sales operations to the online market. From vehicle dismantling to online showcasing, each step is optimized for efficiency.

Our software includes a database with part numbers and applications, covering over 480,000 parts applicable to vehicle models in the South American market. Currently, we have over 2.5 million active parts in stock, considering all clients using our platform.

As we celebrate our achievements, the future promises further advancements. With over 3,000 salvage yards operating in Brazil, our potential for growth in SAAS is significant. This year, we are committed to continuous expansion and improvements. The industry landscape is transforming, and major players have already embraced our inventory management system. We are forming a consortium of high-quality companies to provide used parts online to both the B2B and B2C markets through a unified website.

The emergence of a Brazilian automotive recycling industry based on technology is a shared accomplishment. As pioneers of change, we are discovering hidden treasures in this sector step by step. Our efforts to modernize and elevate are generating rewarding returns.

To connect with Gabriel and learn more about our transformative journey,  email him at

At VAAPT, we are shaping the future of Brazilian automotive recycling.