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Advancing the ELV Sector – CTG’s Initiatives and Training Programs in Guyana

The Territorial Collectivity of Guyana (CTG) initiated a study in June 2015 to identify and geolocate abandoned ELVs in the department of Guyana. To address the pressing needs of the territory, the prefecture sought assistance from the Guyana Academy to establish training programs aimed at fostering the development of the ELV sector.


Advancing the ELV Sector - CTG's Initiatives and Training Programs in Guyana p one

In addition to the ongoing efforts carried out by INDRA AUTOMOBILE RECYCLING (INDRA) teams to promote and expand the VHU sector in all the DROM COM regions, the AURECA training center recently hosted and provided training to two instructors at their Pruniers site in Sologne for a duration of two weeks. This training program, targeting dismantling operators, workshop managers, and administrative assistants, will enable the education of young individuals and/or employees in the field of depollution and car dismantling in French Guyana, contributing to a sustainable future.

Advancing the ELV Sector - CTG's Initiatives and Training Programs in Guyana p two
L-R: Adrien Thomas – Vocational high school teacher, Jérôme Sagnard – Professional high school teacher and Nicolas Paquet, Methods and Training Center Manager INDRA AUTOMOBILE RECYCLING

Moreover, INDRA’s support extends beyond the training programs. With the regular presence of network advisors in the overseas territories, collaboration with the Jean-Marie Michotte and DU LARIVOT vocational high schools for teacher training, and the provision of guidance and pollution control equipment and materials, INDRA actively contribute to the ongoing development of the ELV sector in the overseas departments.