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ARN – Fewer vehicles dismantled in 2021 compared to previous year

According to ARN’s sustainability report, the number of scrap cars offered to vehicle dismantling companies in 2021(220,926) fell by almost 5000 compared to 2020 (225,804).


ARN - Fewer vehicles dismantled in 2021 compared to previous year p

Although the number of vehicles dismantled decreased, the recycling performance did increase. In 2021, 98.7% by weight of all end-of-life vehicles was recycled. In 2020, this percentage was 98.3%.

The recycling performance

At 98.7% in 2021, the recycling performance was higher by 0.4% compared to 2020. This, according to ARN, the Netherlands based national network of car dismantling companies, is because in the past year, relatively fewer end-of-life vehicles were exported to foreign shredder companies, and more cars were processed by Dutch shredder companies. Because the recycling percentage in the Netherlands is higher than abroad, it has a positive effect on the result achieved.

Recycling contribution

The recycling performance is possible thanks to the recycling fee of €30 on every new car sold in 2021. In 2022, the recycling fee was reduced to €25 per car. And since the middle of last year, this contribution also applies to imported vehicles from abroad. For more information, visit

Drive Batteries

In addition to recycling ELVs, ARN also implements producer responsibility for drive batteries in electric cars for participating car importers. In 2021, 127,537 kilograms of lithium-ion batteries were collected via ARN (121,020 kg in 2020). Almost half of this (59,465 kilograms) has been sustainably recycled via specialized companies. The remaining 68,072 kilograms are eligible for second-use applications in the form of, for example, energy storage.

View the ARN Sustainability Report 2021 here.