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BIR 2024

ATF Professional to host LIVE vehicle recycling conference on June 9

The date (9th of June) is fast-approaching when ATF Professional, the sister site of Auto Recycling World, will once again have the opportunity to host its LIVE event at the APC, Warwick University, UK.


ATF Professional to host LIVE vehicle recycling conference next week p

The online vehicle recycling news site, ATF Professional, boasts another great lineup of presenters, including the current President of the Automotive Recyclers Association, Marty Hollingshead, who is very kindly taking the time to come to the UK from the US to take part and offer his views on the past, present and future of the industry and about what the UK and US can learn from each other in auto recycling.

In keeping with the international flavour, delegates will hear from Sonja Nehls, Principal Analyst at Autovista24 based in Germany, to discuss the increasing used vehicle prices and the future of ICEs and BEVs. Also from Europe, Owain Griffiths, Volvo Cars Head of Circular Economy, will be heading to the UK from Sweden to talk to attendees about Volvo Cars’ outlook on turning into a circular business and the importance of reusing and recycling vehicles.

A regular contributor to ATF Professional, and a popular speaker at the last live event in 2019, Mr Andrew Marsh, will be discussing whether or not ATFs are the key to extending the life cycle of the existing car parc.

ATF Professional will have the pleasure of welcoming the newly appointed CEO for e2e Total Loss Vehicle Management, Jim Loughran, who he will take to the stage to introduce himself to vehicle recycling delegates and discuss how technology and data can unlock efficiencies and cost savings.

We will also be fortunate to hear from British Metals Recycling Association’s Technical Director, Howard Bluck, who will discuss waste classification in the ELV sector and what this data could mean for the industry to go forward. Sarah Hirst, the recently appointed Green Parts Director at SYNETIQ, will be joining the event to talk about the green parts market and its effects post-COVID. And Kirsty McKno, Managing Director of Cogent Hire, will provide delegates with her thoughts on what credit hire has to do with vehicle recycling.

Finally, a fascinating presentation on the hazards associated with second-life batteries and their potential risks to businesses and lives will be provided by Professor Paul Christensen, from Newcastle University and Director of Lithiumionsafety Ltd.

Besides hearing from an excellent lineup of industry-expert speakers, delegates will also have the opportunity to network with others, including our sponsors, who will also be exhibiting at the one-day event. Sponsors include e2e, SYNETIQ, the Green Parts Specialists, Hensel, Ward, Wickens, Green Car Depollution and Lithium Battery Recycling Solutions.

The team at ATF Professional are looking forward to seeing everyone in the flesh again after such a long time. With such a great lineup and fantastic support from their sponsors, the team is sure it will be a great event for all of those attending and help understand the issues affecting the industry at the moment and into the future.

ATF Professional to host LIVE vehicle recycling conference next week p two
Delegates at the ATF Professional conference in 2019 – pre-COVID

For further information about the event or to book tickets to attend, please visit