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Atracco AB’s webshop for used car parts – a success

In the autumn of 2021, the Nordic region’s largest car assembly company, Atracco AB, launched a new webshop – with the aim of making used car parts available. Five months later, Atracco AB can state that the launch has been well received by consumers and led to a record-high demand.


Atracco AB's webshop for used car parts - a success p

Used and quality-controlled car parts at a reduced price in comparison with newly produced ones without sacrificing the environment – this is what Atracco AB offers on its webshop, which was launched last autumn. Today, there are 1.5 million car parts from car brands from around the world, and demand is increasing with each passing day. Each individual car part has been carefully inspected before it is put up for sale. In addition to a fast delivery time and a 14-day right of withdrawal, a six-month warranty is offered, which means that the consumer gets the car part replaced completely free of charge if needed.

– We care about our customers, which is why it is extra fun that the webshop has been received so positively – it has been a real success. We also see that there has been an increase in demand among our younger consumers, which feels particularly fun. It is important to get them on the train and that the younger generation makes environmentally-friendly decisions, says Per Löhf, sales manager at Atracco AB and continues:

– Then it is of course a bonus that consumers save money by shopping second-hand, it is simply a win-win.

Safe conditions and smooth handling

The sustainability concept is nothing new but has been in focus for the car assembly company since the start in 2008. Atracco AB strives to take care of quality car parts and through the new website the company wants to make it easier for private individuals to find the right part. By filling in the registration number on the website, all available parts for the car model are presented, all to make the customer experience as smooth as possible.

– We want those who shop from us to feel safe. Now we hope that more and more people will open their eyes to used car parts and how easy it can actually be to shop economically and environmentally friendly, Per Löhf concludes.

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About Atracco Group AB

Atracco Group is part of LKQ Corporation, which is a leading supplier of alternative and special parts for repairing and improving cars and other vehicles. LKQ has operations in North America, Europe and Taiwan. LKQ offers its customers a wide range of spare parts, equipment and consumables for repairing cars, trucks and recreational vehicles.