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Atracco Expands in Norway: Opening New Facility in Bergen

Atracco’s expansion in Norway continues with the opening of its new facility in Bergen. With all the necessary certificates approved, Atracco is excited to commence full operations at the site.


Atracco Expands in Norway: Opening New Facility in Bergen p


Currently, the Bergen facility has a team of eight employees, but as production ramps up, the company plans to gradually expand its workforce. Throughout the year, Atracco has been focusing on establishing warehouses and workshop premises and ensuring environmental compliance. While awaiting full approval, the company has stocked the warehouse with approximately 10,000 parts sourced from its other facilities, enabling them to promptly meet the growing demand.

During the autumn season, Atracco anticipates filling the total storage capacity of up to 120,000 unique original parts at the Bergen site. The facility boasts a capacity to handle up to 2,500 cars per year on its 9,000 square metre premises, providing ample space for environmentally safe car storage prior to dismantling. The total production premises, including dismantling and storage, encompass 2,200 square metres.

Click on the video below to see the Bergen site:


Equipped with the latest technology and equipment, Atracco Bergen ensures a favourable working environment for its employees, much like its other facilities. Extensive measures have been taken to protect the surroundings, including hardened surfaces, closed systems, and oil separators, thereby minimizing the risk of environmental damage.

Atracco Bergen is part of the Atracco Group, which operates ten dismantling facilities in Sweden and possesses a warehouse stocked with over 1.5 million unique and tested original parts. The company’s commitment to exceeding customer and partner expectations regarding quality and professionalism has established it as a reliable and valued partner, offering environmentally friendly solutions and cost-effectiveness.

Building upon the success and experience gained in Sweden, Atracco confidently invests in the Norwegian market. The company’s proven model has provided a winning concept for all parties involved, assuring end customers of solid quality controls and guarantees.

Norway’s strong focus on environmental preservation and circular economy aligns well with Atracco’s goals. The company fully commits to contributing to the country’s sustainable objectives. Atracco’s overarching strategy centres on circular recycling, aimed at creating a more sustainable economy and reducing the environmental impact of production and consumption. By implementing these principles, Atracco reduces resource consumption, minimises waste generation, and actively contributes to shaping a sustainable future.

Atracco takes pride in its contribution to a more sustainable future in multiple locations across Norway. Atracco Moss, which opened in 2020, currently holds 110,000 parts in stock and employs 23 staff members. Additionally, there is an additional stock of approximately 5,000 parts in Askim, primarily consisting of bodywork, tires, and rims, allowing the company to swiftly meet the needs of insurance companies and workshops.

Atracco Agder is ready for production and will commence operations in August 2023. The facility will employ around 20 individuals and span 18,000 square metres, with newly renovated production premises covering an area of 2,200 square metres. Atracco Agder will have a stock capacity of 110,000 parts, further strengthening the company’s presence in Norway.