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Nicolas Saenz

BASF to build commercial-scale battery recycling black mass plant in Schwarzheide, Germany

BASF will build a commercial-scale battery recycling black mass plant in  Schwarzheide, Germany. This investment strengthens BASF’s cathode active materials (CAM) production and recycling hub in Schwarzheide. The site is an ideal location for the build-up of battery recycling activities given the presence of many EV car manufacturers and cell producers in Central Europe. This investment will create about 30 new production jobs, with the startup planned for early 2024.

Auto manufacturers incorporating NTSB recommendation on EVs

In the US, eight electric vehicle manufacturers have incorporated an NTSB recommendation on improving their emergency response guides and incorporating vehicle-specific information for fighting high-voltage lithium-ion battery fires in electric vehicles (EVs). Honda, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Proterra, Van Hool, Volkswagen and Volvo have successfully completed the actions asked for in the NTSB recommendation.

PGM – Can You Sell Used Spark Plugs?

Every year, hundreds of millions of spark plugs are replaced. Most of these spark plugs end up in landfills or as scrap steel. The vast majority of these spark plugs also contain precious metals such as platinum and iridium. These precious metals are regarded as scarce and strategic metals for the United States. We all know that precious metals have monetary value, so is it possible that there is compensation for recycling these spark plugs? Edmund Schwenk, Metallurgist/CEO of PGM Recovery Systems, Inc., tells us more.