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Nicolas Saenz

Panasonic Energy signs agreement with Redwood for supply of recycled cathode materials and copper foil for EV batteries

Panasonic Energy Co., Ltd., a Panasonic Group Company, announced that it has entered an agreement with Redwood Materials Inc. (“Redwood”; Carson City, Nevada), a sustainable battery materials manufacturer, for the purchase of cathode active materials and copper foil for EV lithium-ion batteries. Redwood’s recycled cathode active materials will be used in lithium-ion batteries to be manufactured at a new facility in De Soto, Kansas starting in 2025, and its recycled copper foil will be used in lithium-ion batteries to be manufactured at Panasonic Energy of North America (PENA)’s facility in Sparks, Nevada starting in 2024.

Circular strategies could cut emissions from materials used in vehicles by 60% by 2040

Greater circularity in materials-use by the European automotive sector could reduce emissions associated with the materials used in production per vehicle by 60% by 2040, a new analysis by Bain & Company shows. A combination of recycling, improved material use, reuse and remanufacturing of components, and scaling of new mobility business models can create a circularity revolution in the sector, according to the Bain study.

Sky-rocketing energy prices pose a vital risk to European recyclers

The dramatic increase in energy prices poses a substantial challenge to the European recycling industries. Major European recycling companies, including SMEs, have already significantly reduced or entirely suspended production. In these exceptional circumstances, the sector is urging policymakers to enact immediate financial aid to prevent significant long-term damage to European recycling.

JARA to integrate parts inventory information across seven member groups, enabling parts searching capability for 5 million items simultaneously

The Japan Automotive Parts Recyclers Association (JAPRA: President: Yukio Sato) aims to build a mutually connecting system to enable parts information sharing systems for its member recyclers by this year. This will be the first time for the industry connects to almost all major parts of information systems across the country.