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CAR Coalition Applauds FTC Report Urging Expanded Consumer Access to Auto Repair Options

The CAR Coalition, a growing group of independent automotive parts, management and repair companies, associations, and insurers committed to preserving consumer choice and affordable vehicle repair, today commended a unanimous report from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) urging expanded consumer access to auto repair options. The CAR Coalition supports federal legislation to give consumers more options in the post-collision auto repair market and the ability to control their own vehicle data.

Flying Cars Are Not Here Yet, BUT…

Chris Daglis, Managing Director of PARTnered Solutions, based in Australia, who has involvement in many global industry initiatives relating to the recycling industry, discusses vehicle technology and the recycler’s role in this ecosystem of a Touchless Supply Chain (TSC).

IAA – Salvaged Vehicles Take on New Life Globally

Like many industries, auto recycling is starting to embrace a global perspective. A car on the road in the UK might contain recycled steel from a salvaged Canadian vehicle. A truck in India could be running thanks to recycled parts from a U.S. vehicle shipped overseas. These are just two of many opportunities created by the auto recycling industry’s new global ecosystem – which IAA, Inc. helped to create and is committed to expanding.

Predictive Analytics: Purchasing the Right Parts

Racer Yoemans, Co-Founder and President at BidCall Inc., a bidding software tool for the auto salvage industry based in the US, gives insight into how auto recyclers have dealt with business during the pandemic and the opportunities that are becoming available in our industry as we evolve with the changing times.