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Auto recyclers – hang in, prepare and be ready

Although in unprecedented times, auto recyclers can expect a high demand for their products once the global crisis is over. That was the message that came from the panel speaking on the first Auto Recyclers Experience Podcast.


auto recyclers hang in

The podcast was hosted by Chris Daglis from CDPS and Chad Counselman from All Auto Recalls in Melbourne Australia and were joined in an hour-long episode by Scott Robertson, President of the ARA and Peter Butler of Affordable PartsWorld, NZ.

The weekly event has been created to shine a positive light on what is happening within the auto recycling industry. The podcast hopes to bring together and show the views of all the major stakeholders when it comes to vehicle recycling. 

As expected, the first episode was dominated by the COVID-19 Virus, and there were some sobering numbers to how recyclers in the participant’s countries were being affected. However, there was plenty of advice provided as to how best manage the current situation and how yard owners could be preparing for when it is over. Issues such as cash flow, inventory management, and how companies can work together were discussed. 

However, the concluding message was that if they can hang on and prepare correctly, auto recyclers may see a higher demand for their products when the crisis is over. Parallels were drawn to past recessions and how auto recyclers had always done well. They mentioned how there could be a lack of OEMs and disruption in the supply chain creating demand from body shops and other potential customers which could have the potential for a positive outcome for auto recyclers.

To hear the full podcast, please click here.

The next episode of the Auto Recyclers Experience Podcast will feature topics such as Cores – Mining for Gold, Is it time for the Heimlich Manoeuvre on your inventory?, Old Stock -Survive to Thrive and Why do Australians call flip-flops “thongs”?

Their guests will be Vince Edivan, Director of Member Relations

Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) and Paul D’Adamo, The ‘Recall Guy’ from Rebuilders Automotive Supply (RAS).

It can be be viewed live here

7th April at 8.00 am (AEDT) MELBOURNE 

6th April 5 pm EST USA

6th April 9 pm GMT UK

All podcasts can be found here.