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Auto recycling facilities and gaining that all-important google star rating

Paul D’Adamo (the ‘Recall Guy’) based in the US, discusses why your auto recycling facility should strive for four or more stars when it comes to google ratings.


Auto recycling facilities and gaining that all-important google star rating p

Who Doesn’t Look At Google Reviews?

Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about Google Reviews this month. I travel for RAS, so I use Google Maps to look for different services; hotels, restaurants, etc., and, yes, Auto Recycling facilities. I can’t help myself. I love this industry and want all businesses to prosper and flourish. I raise the issue of Google Reviews now because we are on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic, and some Recyclers say they are swamped, yet others complain about how far off their sales are. I believe Google Reviews might give a business owner some insight into why their business is or isn’t thriving.

Old School

Fact: Most of the Recyclers who have terrible reviews are the victims of their own ignorance. They haven’t kept up with the times, their curbside appeal is lacking or non-existent, and they operate under the premise that “we have always done it this way.” This scenario presents two issues: the continued existence of that business and the smear it paints on the rest of the industry. We fight a constant battle to improve our image in the public eye to avoid the ‘J’ word. When customers are looking for parts, they want excellent service, price, and quality. In some respects, I wish Google would relegate any business with under four stars to a separate landing page.

How many Stars should you strive for?

While everyone wants 5 stars, every business should strive for a solid 4 stars as a base. If you were taking that special person in your life out for dinner and you were looking at reviews, what is the minimum number of stars for you to consider that restaurant? The same standards apply to our industry. Self-consciously, I think we all are programmed to eliminate anything three stars and below immediately. Every business will take a hit on a bad review and recover. Consistent bad reviews tell customers to run the other way.

‘Google My Business’ App On Your Phone?

While you will probably go on your computer to set up your Google My Business settings, the Google My Business App is a quick and easy way to monitor and respond to reviews, update business hours for upcoming holidays, promote events, display a deal or coupon, post photos, and review and reply to reviews. Replying to reviews takes patience, calm, and a positive attitude. It’s best not to upset an already ticked-off customer, and at the same time, not pump yourself up too much when replying to a positive comment. The bottom line is that all reviews should have a reply.

Common Customer Gripes

Certain complaints seem to cross all business types; poor customer service, bad phone etiquette, unfriendliness, and poor business practices. In my opinion, Google Reviews are a direct mirror image of how a business operates. Companies with one to three-star ratings are just not customer-friendly.

RAS Is Here to Help You Be Successful!

As a long-standing vendor to the industry, we seek to provide you with excellent service and top-of-the-market prices in all three business lines; Cores, Catalytic Converters, and Recalls. We don’t sell a physical product, so our sole mission is to provide a quick turnaround on shipments and payments, build a relationship of trust, and give you the cash flow you need to buy more inventory to fulfil your customer’s orders.

Auto recycling facilities and gaining that all-important google star rating view
Paul D’Adamo

Questions on Google My Business and/or Reviews? Contact Paul the “Recall Guy” at