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Autocirc acquires car dismantling with 170,000 vehicle parts in stock

Autocirc acquires Ådalens Bildemontering AB. The company is a leading player in the disassembly and sale of vehicle parts to the second-hand market for cars, motorcycles and trucks. Their stock contains over 170,000 quality-controlled spare parts.


Autocirc acquires car dismantling with 170,000 vehicle parts in stock p

Ådalens Bildemonterning was founded in 1954 in Kramfors, Sweden, and today has around 50 employees in three business areas: dismantling and sales, handling of end-of-life vehicles (ELV) and transport. The business dismantles approximately 1,700 cars per year, of which 70 percent are insurance claims, which means that many of the parts come from vehicles with low mileage.

Johan Livered (CEO, Autocirc Group) says:

“Ådalen’s work to change people’s perception of the reuse of vehicle components is exactly in line with Autocirc’s vision. Their long experience, ambitious sustainability work and competent organization will give us the opportunity to supply the second-hand market with more quality components. The Forsman family has also been one of the most influential families in the industry and has contributed actively for over 40 years with development issues that affect all dismantling in Sweden.”

The acquisition means that more than 15 Swedish companies specializing in car dismantling are part of the Autocirc group. The deal is part of Autocirc’s long-term strategy to acquire businesses to offer a more sustainable alternative to newly produced vehicle parts.

John Axel Forsman (CEO, Ådalens Bildemontering AB) says:

“The image assembly industry is one of the most exciting and unique industries in Sweden, and right now it is extra exciting. Not only is the market for electric cars growing faster than many had predicted, but we at Ådalens are also determined to develop the recycling of trucks in Sweden in the same way that we have been involved in developing the recycling of cars for almost 70 years. Therefore, it feels both logical and exciting that the next step will be into the Autocircsfären, where we can both contribute with our special expertise and get to work with new colleagues who share the same values ​​as us.”

About Autocirc

Autocirc works for a circular transition within the automotive industry. We make sure that used car parts get back on the roads again – or that materials and components can be useful in completely different products and contexts. Autocirc was founded in 2019 and is growing rapidly. Today, the company has over 750 employees and operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland and Great Britain.