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BIR 2024

Autocirc acquires Finnish RM-Trucks OY – a leading player in truck dismantling

Autocirc is proud to announce the acquisition of Finnish RM-Trucks OY. The company specializes in the dismantling of trucks and machinery as well as the sale of spare parts for heavier vehicles. Through the acquisition, Autocirc further strengthens its position in the Nordics and increases the impact of a transition where reused spare parts become a competitive alternative to newly produced vehicle parts.


Autocirc acquires Finnish RM-Trucks OY – a leading player in truck dismantling p

The business started as early as 1959 in Munsala, north of Vaasa in Finland. Today, the company is one of the Nordics’ leading companies in truck dismantling. The business specializes in heavier vehicles with all the resources required to dismantle and quality-assure components for continued use as well as take care of end-of-life parts and waste. RM-Trucks also has a large stock of spare parts and a wide range of used trucks and construction machinery for sale.

Johan Livered, CEO Autocirc Group, said:

“Our ambition is to be the hub of a circular business model where our companies minimize waste from the automotive industry by optimizing and reusing spare parts. With RM-Trucks and their long experience in the truck sector, we get an important reinforcement that will increase the availability of quality-assured parts for heavier vehicles.”

Håkan Westerlund, CEO RM-Trucks OY, said:

“We are happy to continue our growth journey together with Autocirc. Today, we have a strong market position as specialists in the truck sector in the Nordic market. With an ambitious owner like Autocirc, new opportunities open up for us to, together with all the group’s operations, continue to contribute to a large-scale change in the auto parts industry towards increased reuse and recycling of spare parts.”

RM-Trucks will be Autocirc’s fifth company in Finland with operations in dismantling. The deal is part of Autocirc’s long-term strategy to acquire businesses to offer a more sustainable alternative to newly produced vehicle parts.

About Autocirc

Autocirc works for a circular transition within the automotive industry. We make sure that used car parts get back on the roads again – or that materials and components can be useful in completely different products and contexts. Autocirc was founded in 2019 and is growing rapidly. Today, the group has 50 companies with over 850 employees and operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Germany, France and Great Britain.