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Autocirc acquires one of Finland’s leading groups in salvage and car transport

Autocirc acquires the Hinaus Sjöberg group, which includes the well-known subsidiary Autonkuljetus Sjöberg OY. The group is one of Finland’s leading companies in salvage and car transport. The operations are based in the Helsinki region, but the companies carry out assignments throughout Finland and internationally. The deal strengthens Autocirc’s opportunities to operate smarter and more efficient logistics in the Finnish market.


Autocirc acquires one of Finland's leading groups in salvage and car transport p

The deal includes the parent company Hinaus Sjöberg OY and the subsidiaries Autonkuljetus Sjöberg OY, Hinaus Sjöberg Itä-Suomi OY and Konekuljetus Sjöberg OY. The group companies have a fleet of a total of 25 tow trucks, 4 tow trucks for heavier vehicles and 17 car transporters. Over 35,000 transports and approximately 15,000 salvage missions are carried out annually. The customers are mainly insurance companies, car dealers and bus companies.

Lasse Eriksson, National Manager of Autocirc Finland, said:

“Salvage and transport of vehicles to our car dismantling facilities is a prerequisite for securing the availability of car parts to the second-hand market. The well-managed companies in the Hinaus Sjöberg Group will provide an even stronger platform to accelerate the transition to a circular auto parts industry. We are very happy that the companies are now being run as part of Autocirc.”

Sten-Eric Sjöberg, CEO Hinaus Sjöberg, says:

“We have long-term built a reliable business in salvage and car transport based in the Helsinki region. With our strong market position in Finland, we look forward to becoming part of a larger context and finding synergies and successful collaborations together with the other companies in Autocirc. The companies’ values ​​and view of the future coincide well, so it is with great confidence that we integrate Hinaus Sjöberg into Autocirc.”

The deal is part of Autocirc’s long-term strategy to build a circular business model through the acquisition of businesses in various sectors of the auto parts industry. Here, logistics, salvage and car transport are an important and complementary part of the cycle where we reuse and extend the life of used spare parts.