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Autocirc Annual & Sustainability Report shows a year of ‘impressive growth’

On March 31, Autocirc published its Annual & Sustainability Report for 2022, showing an ‘impressive year of growth’.


Autocirc Annual & Sustainability Report shows a year of ‘impressive growth’ p

According to Autocirc, the company had a year of impressive growth in 2022, marked by the acquisition of 20 new companies, which reinforced their positions in Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

The company also had ambitious plans for the Norwegian market, which included the establishment of a new central warehouse near Oslo and the launch of two new dismantlers in Bergen and Tromsø. These initiatives were aimed at improving logistics and making spare car parts more widely available in the market.

In 2022, Autocirc also completed its first platform acquisitions in Europe by acquiring three dismantling companies in Germany and France. These acquisitions put the company’s name on the European map and marked the first steps towards establishing Autocirc as a leader in the European market.

Autocirc has been operating in an environment where there are strong trends towards reuse in several markets. The company’s core offering is centred around maximising the lifespan of car parts, and they are pleased to see that more industries are embracing this approach. The shift towards reuse is creating opportunities for Autocirc to expand their reach and impact, and it aligns with their strategy of extending the life of products to save resources.

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