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Autocirc invests heavily in Norway and shows the way for a sustainable car parts industry

In just three years, Swedish Autocirc has become the driving force for a sustainable change in the auto parts industry. Now they are raising the level of ambition considerably through a proper expansion of the business in Norway with a semi-automated logistics center in Vestby and a new car dismantling in Tromsø.


Autocirc invests heavily in Norway and shows the way for a sustainable car parts industry p

The objective of the investment in the Norwegian market is to be the leading player in the reuse and recycling of car parts in Norway within a couple of years. An ambition that goes hand in hand with Autocirc’s overall vision to create a circular economy that minimizes the need to extract new, finite natural resources for the production of car and spare parts.

Bjarte Kaldestad, country manager for Autocirc in Norway said:

“We optimize the reuse of car parts to ensure that they are useful on the roads for as long as possible. Through our operations, we also create conditions for recycling where components from car parts can be used in other products and contexts.”

The establishment in Tromsø, where Autocirc is currently building a state-of-the-art dismantling facility, means that the company is advancing its positions and gaining the capacity to handle cars throughout Northern Norway. The business will employ 12-15 full-time employees and is expected to be completed in the fall of 2023.

In parallel, work is also underway to create a large central warehouse in Vestby, where the administrative management in Norway will also be located. Autocirc is the first player in the industry to make this type of investment.

“We have a good team with high competence which, together with these ambitious investments in the business, will ensure the quality and speed of our deliveries. Through the logistics center in Vestby, we create a strategic position that provides synergies with our sister companies within the Autocirc Group in the Nordics and Europe. This contributes to an increased availability of spare parts from our warehouse. We want to be a comprehensive supplier to our customers in Norway and reach 80% of them with the parts they need within 24 hours,” says Bjarte Kaldestad.

All in all, the investments in Tromsø and Vestby mean that Autocirc strengthens its position as a nationwide player in Norway and becomes an even more attractive partner nationally and locally.


Central warehouse in Vestby

  • Central warehouse in Vestby, 40 min from the center of Oslo
  • 10,000m2 semi-automated warehouse with 28,500 pallet spaces
  • Logistics warehouse that reaches 80% of our customers in one day
  • 600m2 office for the Norwegian central organization
  • 18-20 workplaces
  • Completed in autumn 2023

Car assembly in Tromsø

  • State-of-the-art facility for assembly in Tromsø, under production
  • Capacity to handle cars throughout Northern Norway
  • Completed in autumn 2023
  • Will employ 12-15 full-time employees

For more information, contact: Bjarte Kaldestad, country manager Norway at

About Autocirc AB

Autocirc leads the development of a circular economy in the auto parts industry. The business model is based on cooperation between the group’s subsidiaries with the aim of increasing reuse and extending the life cycle of used spare parts. Autocirc has a turnover of SEK 1,650 million and has over 700 employees.

For more information about Autocirc, visit