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B-Parts offers an additional car repair information service in video

With the motto “Car mechanics can be for everyone”, B-Parts has launched a series of do-it-yourself videos featuring car part repairs and replacements.


B-Parts offers an additional car repair information service in video p

In the videos, B-Parts presents the key steps to remove and install a specific part in the car. The content already has approximately two thousand views and is available in five languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. In addition to body parts, such as the rear bumper, B-Parts also shows how to replace electronic, lighting and interior car components, for example, the car radio, the headlight or the door trim.

With the video series, B-Parts aims to reinforce the trust in used car parts and show the quality of the components since they are Original Equipment Manufacturers. The campaign also focuses on presenting the catalogue diversity, quantity and availability with videos from different car parts categories.

At the same time, B-Parts also aims to generalise knowledge about car mechanics and strengthen connections between the brand and actual and potential customers.

Manuel Araújo Monteiro and Luís Sousa Vieira, Managing Directors of B-Parts, explained: 

“We know that many prospective customers are still sceptical about used car parts, so it’s our mission to illustrate that they are functional and have quality. And with this series of videos, we try to show our B2B clients that used original parts are a great solution for their business. They are cheaper, available and have the same quality as the new OEM. And, of course, they are a sustainable option since we are contributing to the circular economy. Besides, this campaign it’s an excellent opportunity to connect with our customers by offering relevant and quality information.”

In 2022, B-Parts continues to consolidate its position as the leader in the European used car parts e-commerce market, achieving 120% growth in the first half of the year. This outcome exceeds the targets set for this year and the previous years’ results.

The video tutorials are available in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese on the B-Parts Youtube profile. The text tutorials can be found on the B-Parts blog.

Besides, the European leader in the e-commerce of used car parts has complemented the video tutorials with descriptive blog articles. There, the public can follow the steps to remove and install a used car part.