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Cantilever Racking for Rubio Caréco – Space for 1080 ELVs instead of 216

The French car recycler Rubio Caréco has increased its storage capacities for end-of-life vehicles fivefold on the existing area with a new racking system from OHRA. Previously, the 4,000 m² outdoor floor storage area provided space for around 216 end-of-life vehicles. Today, five cars are stacked on top of each other in six rows of 18 double-sided cantilever racks. This results in a storage capacity of 1080 vehicles – on the same area. The direct access to each individual vehicle that is now possible saves a lot of handling, which reduces logistics costs and increases safety for the employees.


Cantilever Racking for Rubio Caréco - Space for 1080 ELVs instead of 216 p
Capacity limitations for floor storage

Rubio Caréco is one of the leading suppliers of used car parts in the Pau and Tarbes region southwest of Toulouse. Around 8,000 cars are recycled per year, and the company always has 40,000 used parts in stock. The volume of business has developed so positively in recent years that the capacity of the outdoor ground storage area was no longer sufficient. Access to the individual vehicles was also complicated and costly.  

Five cars on top of each other

Rubio Caréco therefore decided to install a racking system from OHRA: The European market leader for cantilever racking has developed a robust racking system for vehicles and vehicle parts especially for recycling companies. The cantilever racking offers high capacity potential thanks to robust hot-rolled steel profiles for the columns: The double-sided racks installed at Rubio Caréco support up to 2,200 kilograms per storage level per side. With a racking height of 7,600 millimetres, five storage levels were achieved. All components of the cantilever racks are hot-dip galvanised for outdoor use.

Even more space-efficient thanks to multi directional forklift

Rubio Caréco uses a multi directional forklift to store and retrieve the vehicles. Guide rails mounted on the racking bases make it easier for the forklift driver to “drive” into the racking aisle – this allows the racking rows to be set up much more compactly and the available space to be better utilised than when operating with a front loader.

With the new storage concept, Rubio Caréco can now not only store five times the number of vehicles in the same space, but also meet the requirements of the European directives for safe storage. The entire logistics process now runs more efficiently and economically.

 About Rubio Caréco:

The Rubio Caréco company was founded over 50 years ago by the Rubio family. Since then, it has evolved from a car scrapper to a manufacturer of used spare parts of recognised quality. Today, it has three sites in the metropolitan areas of Pau and Tarbes. 

45 employees recycle around 8,000 cars every year. The parts are not simply removed from end-of-life vehicles, but are extensively tested, cleaned, and offered and installed at low prices and with a guarantee. The company sees itself as a committed player in the automotive recycling economy: The used, reused car parts should be good for both the wallet and the planet. 

About OHRA:

OHRA has been a European market leader in heavy-load storage technology for over 40 years. A specialist in the storage for particularly long, heavy and unwieldy goods, the OHRA cantilever and pallet racks have proven themselves on the storage technology market. They are characterised by a particularly high load-bearing capacity, robustness and durability. The portfolio ranges from simple racking solutions, through complete racking halls, to complex, fully automated storage and order picking systems for all sizes of company and diverse sectors. All OHRA products are produced at the company’s own factory in Kerpen (Germany). Today, OHRA is represented by its own sales offices in 14 European countries, and in 14 other countries by its trading partners.