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Changing the way you look at auto salvage

When BidCall coined the phrase “changing the way you look at salvage”, one of the original co-founders, Racer Yoemans, had a vision for the future that included merging multiple elements of the auto recycling industry. He sought to bring innovative solutions and precision bidding to the industry he loves and holds 30 years of experience in.  


Changing the way you look at auto salvage p
Racer Yoemans

This groundbreaking vision has become a reality through fully automated integration. Instead of uploading individual vehicles and bids, integration allows for fully automated calculations through a partnership with Auto Bid Live and Claims Genius. This integration streamlines the bidding process and utilizes demand-driven data to make the entire course of auction bidding even faster, more accurate, and more efficient. Integrated customers will benefit from a fully automated preview and the invaluable “source of truth” advantage of a demand-driven mechanism. 

Racer expresses, “Through our integration collaboration with AutoBid Live and Claim Genius, we are constantly seeking to bring innovation into the auto recycling industry. We all want to come together and continue the conversation to form a symbiotic relationship with every aspect of our industry. From manufacturers and insurance adjusters to dismantlers and auto recyclers, we have seen over and over how projecting accuracy can benefit us all.” 

After successfully implementing an algorithm that utilizes collected customer data, BidCall has found a new and innovative way to refine the bidding process even further. The industry’s future has arrived in the form of technologically advanced vehicle assessments. The attention to refined precision bidding and analytical data collection has created an increasing demand for advanced technology integration. That technology in our industry is finally developed and coming to fruition for implementation.  

BidCall has partnered with a platform that assesses vehicles at auctions with an unparalleled precision we have not yet seen in the auto recycling industry. The “source of truth” auction list is uploaded from Auto Bid Live to this platform via the BidCall database. At this point, individual vehicles or a targeted demographic, like insurance vehicles, can then be selected for review. The review process is refined and executed by an A.I. algorithm that assesses all damage, even down to the most finite and detailed dents or scratches.  

The mechanical parts are the foundation of the generated bid, with body parts heavily scrutinized for damage and factored into the final bid. The bid is generated and sent back for manual review, with options to specify interchange and adjust prices accordingly. Bids are then uploaded into the Auto Bid live program via a web-based portal. The entire bidding process is automated, with manual override discretion at all checkpoints, keeping overall authority with the client. 

Racer went on to say, “Our industry constantly strives to project accuracy. The more precise and refined our collected data is, the more efficiently the sales are projected. This benefits the entire industry and optimises the profit yields for individual buyers. The current integration of accelerated technology is seen in every community. We auto recyclers strive to reduce human error and elevate bottom lines without compromising quality or cutting corners. In a digital world, it is up to us to implement reliable vehicle acquisition and assessments. Bidcall is ahead of the curve in this area.” 

While keeping focused on the traditions of the past, Bidcall has continually strived to improve and individualize the bidding process for their customers while inherently improving many aspects of the auto recycling community. This attitude and core belief system inevitably benefit all. While keeping the practices of old, Bidcall continues the conversation with the trade as they integrate innovative solutions and continue to preserve and expand profit margins.   

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