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Collision Repair, the supply chain and the auto recycler

The next Auto Recycling Experience Podcast – ‘Collision Repair, the supply chain and the auto recycler’, presented by Chris Daglis and Chad Counselman, will be joined by Jason Moseley, Michel Malik and Jason Stahl. 


podcast collision repair auto recycler


Jason Moseley is the CEO of IBIS Worldwide and Bodyshop Magazine. Michel Malik is CEO and Group Publisher of Bodyshop News International while Jason Stahl is the Editor of Bodyshop Business. 

Topics to be discussed will be:

  • How has the supply chain changed for the collision repair industry, and what will it look like in the future?
  • How can the auto recycling industry support collision repairers and insurers to achieve a win/win outcome?
  • Consolidation of the collision repair industry has changed it – what can auto recyclers learn from it?
  • New car sales are down by over 50%, and insurance claims down in some regions by up to 80% – will this change insurer and repairer behaviour with regard to parts and how could this be good for vehicle manufacturers?
The Podcast can be watched live via Zoom or Facebook at:


8 am AEST on Tuesday 28th April (Melbourne)

11 pm on Monday 27th April (London)

3 pm on Monday 27th April (Los Angeles)

6 pm on Monday 27th April (New York)

10 am on Tuesday 28th April (Auckland)

If you can’t join the event live you can watch it here the following day.