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BIR 2024

Continued growth for leading suppliers of used car parts in Europe

Portuguese based supplier of used car parts, B-Parts, discusses their ambitious growth plan, including reinforcing inventory to more than five million parts.


Continued growth for leading suppliers of used car parts in Europe p one
B-Parts Luis Vieira & Manuel Monteiro

B-Parts ’main objective is to simplify and improve the purchase of used parts and to provide efficient e-commerce and unique delivery and after-sales service in the sector. 

The services offered to its customers also set B-Parts apart from used parts retailers. For example, all products have a 12-month warranty, regardless of the car part segment, and a 14-day return policy to ensure a safe purchase. The company also offers 12-month insurance and up to 150 euros of labor compensation on used engines and gearboxes in the event of a defect or non-conformity of these components. 

With a specific network of salvage yards, B-Parts can guarantee the quality of the parts, the care with packaging and the speed of the process. More than 100 suppliers, spread across seven European countries (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Lithuania), ensure that B-Parts’ 4.5 million-plus parts sell in its online store. 

Continued growth for leading suppliers of used car parts in Europe p two
Homepage of the new website

The website is available in eight languages and allows searching for parts by reference and vehicle identification by license plate or VIN. 

The platform is complemented by a strong customer service in six languages. It also presents images of each part and its stock availability, delivery dates and prices, with taxes and transport included. Currently, the new design is available in Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian, with plans to be extended to other languages by the end of May. 

Through its online store, B-Parts sold over 80,000 used car parts last year alone,  reaching more than 137 countries since 2015. 

With the evolution of the Circular Economy, B-Parts enjoys a clear expansion activity with growth exceeding 100% in recent years, with the exception of 2020, in which, even with the pandemic, the company managed to grow 67%. 

This year, the forecast of 100% growth is maintained, with an ambitious plan to make B-Parts the most relevant sales channel for used original parts. 

Continued growth for leading suppliers of used car parts in Europe p
B-Parts new office

The growth plan includes offering more conditions to customers, reinforcing the inventory to a value of more than five million parts, and diversifying the geography of suppliers. The continuous investment in stock is a priority for B-Parts to provide not only a greater quantity and diversity of stock but also better delivery times to its customers, thus achieving an immediate offer that is more adapted to the most significant market trend in using used parts. 

The exponential growth of B-Parts has not gone unnoticed by the European automotive industry, which is increasingly focused on market sustainability. In this sense, since 2020, B-Parts has been part of the Stellantis Group and plays a key role in the sustainable and circular mission of the automotive group.

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