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Driving Change: Morni Holding Company’s Transformative Role in Saudi Arabia’s Vehicle Recycling Industry

At the forefront of Saudi Arabia’s vehicle recycling domain, Morni Holding Company is reshaping industry norms, propelling towards a more sustainable and structured approach. Meshari Alsalah, representing the company, offers valuable insights into the challenges and untapped potential within the country’s vehicle recycling sector.


Driving Change: Morni Holding Company's Transformative Role in Saudi Arabia's Vehicle Recycling Industry p
Meshari Alsalah

The Current State of Vehicle Recycling in Saudi Arabia

The landscape of vehicle recycling in Saudi Arabia remains disorganized, primarily managed by migrant workers. Environmental concerns and proper waste disposal are overlooked, with outdated methods still prevalent. Scrap yards, situated outside cities, pose challenges for customers seeking specific parts, and a lack of comprehensive market data adds to the industry’s opacity.

The Urgent Call for Modernization

The necessity to modernize vehicle recycling practices echoes across Saudi Arabia. Despite governmental discussions, tangible actions have yet to materialize. Morni Holding Company emerges as a pioneer, introducing revolutionary car dismantling methods without generating oil waste, setting a precedent for the industry’s positive transformation.

Morni Holding Company’s Role in Advancing Responsible Recycling

Driven by the recognition of industry shortcomings, Morni commits to enhancing the sector’s environmental friendliness and overall efficiency. With plans to establish the largest car dismantling facility in the region, their ambition aligns with the government’s objectives for regulated vehicle dismantling and recycling processes.

Driving Change: Morni Holding Company's Transformative Role in Saudi Arabia's Vehicle Recycling Industry p three

Challenges Hindering Progress

In the pursuit of market stability and efficiency, Morni faces significant hurdles. The industry operates in silos, devoid of standardized regulations, leading to diverse operational terms among different yards. The absence of comprehensive regulations increases the risk of fraudulent practices due to inadequate part-tracking systems.

Envisioning a Sustainable Future for Auto Recycling

Despite existing challenges, the horizon for auto recycling in Saudi Arabia appears promising. Collaborative efforts between the government and businesses signal a positive shift in industry behavior, fostering the potential for a regulated, efficient, and environmentally conscious vehicle recycling landscape.

Meshari Alsalah remains optimistic, foreseeing substantial potential in the government-business partnership, which could shape a more robust auto recycling industry in Saudi Arabia. By spearheading initiatives like revolutionary dismantling methods, Morni Holding Company aims to promote responsible practices, ensuring environmental sustainability while meeting customer demands.

Morni Holding Company

Driving Change: Morni Holding Company's Transformative Role in Saudi Arabia's Vehicle Recycling Industry p two