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Driving Success Through Integration: Bidcall’s Vision for a Unified Auto Recycling Community

Everyone wants to support a championship-winning team, and everyone knows that the best way to build a team worth supporting is by selecting players from the ground up. Isolating their strengths and talents to make a final product that is greater than the sum of its parts. And to build a roster that flows together easily and supports each other’s strengths and weaknesses flawlessly.


Driving Success Through Integration: Bidcall's Vision for a Unified Auto Recycling Community p
Racer Yoemans

This is how dreams become realities in the world of sports, and the business world isn’t much different.

Bidcall has experience in the world of auto recycling and has set out to build an integration of independent companies that complement each other’s strengths and play off each other’s weaknesses in a beautifully symbiotic relationship. This integration has yielded a final product that benefits the industry as a whole, while its customer roster gets to not only participate but also celebrate and yield profits from the results.

Auto Recycling World spoke with Bidcall President Racer Yoemans, and he had this to say about his vision for the ultimate community platform: “I have always wanted everyone to win, and with AutobidLive coming together with Bidcall and Claims Genius, in collaboration with URG, we are building a data-rich goldmine for our customers, where bidding times are more efficient in less time with tremendously more accuracy. If there is a winning streak to be had in the auto recycling industry, Bidcall Direct is determined to be on the front lines to lead the charge.”

In essence, Bidcall has created elite coding that caters to its customers and runs bids through a series of checks and balances to come up with a customized bid based on the customers’ inventory data. The vehicles are analyzed and assessed by computerized photo analysis, and the customer has the ultimate authority to come in and override or change amounts that are assigned to individual parts at their discrepancy. The entire bidding process is automated, but the customer holds all the cards because they have the final say at every step in the bidding process. This lets the data work for the customer but gives final authority and control to the user. In this digital age, this is a great and worry-free way to let a fully automated bidding process help guide the auto recycling industry’s hand without signing over authority to dictate where and how the money is spent. We can utilize these tools to help support higher profit yields and still maintain autonomy.

In the world of auto recycling, it seems that community is beginning to be the focus of how companies can come together, support each other, and help everyone win. The advances in technology and streamlining of the previewing and bidding processes, along with the way they utilize clean data that was previously discarded, are changing the game for their current and future customers. Racer Yoemans at Bidcall sees the overall appeal of helping to build a community of mutually beneficial relationships that provide the best cutting-edge services. Integration has inspired a culture of change and innovation, and Bidcall is building a success-driven team that begs the question, is it really winning if everyone doesn’t come out on top? The vision for the industry at this company calls for unity and transformation, and with this starting lineup, we can count on continuing to see a winning record going forward.

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