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Fenix Auto Parts The Leading Marketplace for Recovered Parts in Europe

Several Spanish End-of-Use Vehicle Treatment Centers were eager to talk to Auto Recycling World about their latest endeavor, Ecooparts, an international company dedicated to selling eco-friendly parts, and how it came to fruition. The Leading Marketplace for Recovered Parts in Europe p

Background on and Involvement with Auto Recycling Community

Ecooparts was born from the need and from the collaboration of various End-of-Use Vehicle Treatment Centers in Spain (CATS) to provide an outlet for the marketing of used parts and spare parts from scrapped vehicles, thus complying with the marketing obligations of used parts that are included in the regulations in force (RD 265/2021). Currently, it is a project open to all Treatment Centers in Europe interested in including their stock, regardless of the management programs used. The Leading Marketplace for Recovered Parts in Europe p two
an example of ecooparts’ stock available online

In just one year, we have already become the leading search engine in Spain for recovered parts. We have more than 3.5 million parts published, and at the moment, more than 80 Spanish scrapyards publish their stock. We want to open the portal to all Authorized Scrapping Centers in Europe that wish to publish their stock. Our growth expectations are unbeatable.

Ecooparts is fully involved in the correct environmental treatment of vehicles. We detected the need to provide the necessary tools to improve the use of recycled eco spare parts and participate in the circular economy. The Leading Marketplace for Recovered Parts in Europe p three

Crossing Borders with and Criteria for Using the Platform was born with the mentality of being the reference marketplace in Europe for the commercialization of ECO parts from scrapped vehicles. At Ecooparts, the scrapyard sells directly to the consumer through the platform, both in B2B and B2C sales, and the seller is responsible for the commercial guarantee to the customer.

Unlike other websites, Ecooparts does not retain or participate in payments. Sellers receive payment before the part is packed, and Ecooparts only charges a sales commission for the tax base of items sold, maintaining the technological structure of the web portal.

To be a collaborator/seller, Ecooparts is required to be an authorized Treatment Center in Europe and accept the conditions of “good practices” published on our website. For example, we offer a one-year warranty, and all stock is issued with OEM, IAM references, and a published price. The Leading Marketplace for Recovered Parts in Europe p four
ecooparts’ partners

Expectations for the Future and Collaborations with Other Organizations is committed to expanding into new territories and becoming Europe’s leading marketplace for recovered parts. The platform is open to collaborations with spare parts dealers, insurance companies, associations, and public and/or private entities. Collaborations benefit all involved as they open up markets for sellers and ensure customer satisfaction.

With its commitment to the correct environmental treatment of vehicles and the use of recycled eco spare parts, Ecooparts is poised to be a leader in the circular economy of the auto recycling industry.

To find out more about Ecooparts, please visit