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Electric ELVES hosts training of safe dismantling and recycling of EVs and HEVs

Electric ELVES training plugs into demand for knowledge in safe dismantling and recycling of electric and hybrid vehicles at third level institutions – The first programme of its kind in Ireland 

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ELVES, the End-of-Life Vehicle compliance scheme in Ireland, hosted a training programme for Authorised Treatment Facilities (permitted scrapyards) in the safe handling of end-of-life hybrid, electric and mild hybrid vehicles at three venues in Ireland recently: 

  • Plunket College Dublin, 
  • Cork Institute of Technology and 
  • Galway Mayo Institute of Technology. 

The Electric ELVES programme is the first classroom-based course of its kind in Ireland and is free of charge to attendees.

As the compliance scheme for the End-of-Life Vehicle sector, ELVES saw the need to develop the Electric ELVES programme in response to the increasing popularity of electric and hybrid cars, from full electric vehicles (600volt+) to mild-hybrids (48volt+). 

The course content addresses new health and safety risks which vehicle dismantlers face in handling electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as helping to provide solutions to the challenging environmental reuse, recycling and recovery targets set out in End-of-Life Vehicle Regulations. 

The Electric ELVES training programme was launched in September 2019 at Cork Institute of Technology and ELVES has seen demand grow countrywide for further training in this area since then. Courses have now been held in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Monaghan and Naas. The accredited tactical training programme is being facilitated by ELVES with the support of the Irish Motor Vehicle Recyclers Association (IMVRA). 

The training programme is open to all ATFs in Ireland, not just those in the ELVES ATF Network. Programme availability will develop nationwide as awareness of and demand for the course dictates. Allowing all Irish ATFs to access the training programme will expand critical knowledge and expertise across the country, supporting all ATFs in developing competence in the handling of this new technology. The course is provided free of charge to ATFs. 

ATFs interested in registering for future training days should contact ELVES

The course is taught by leading industry professionals Salvage Wire. Salvage Wire recently won Best Automotive Recycling Consultancy 2019 in the UK Build Recycling and Waste Management Awards for achievements and innovations made within the industry. Salvage Wire also recently won the US Automotive Recyclers Association (US), 2019 President’s Award.

According to ELVES Environmental Compliance Manager Elena Wrelton: 

“This Electric ELVES course is of immense value to ATFs. ELVES is providing this second series of training workshops in response to significant industry demand.  When the course launched in September, ELVES had a huge number of new requests for training from vehicle recyclers. It is of critical importance that those working in the industry are equipped with the resources available to be fully confident and competent in dealing with the correct reuse and recycling of all types of vehicles.”

She added: “ELVES is very much committed to ensuring that all Irish ATFs have access to the best industry resources available, including relevant expertise, support, information and training programmes that are industry-specific and proactively address key issues impacting the sector.”

Dr Michael J. O’ Mahony, Head of Department of Process, Energy and Transport Engineering in Cork Institute of Technology, added: 

“CIT is delighted to welcome ELVES back to host this second series of Electric ELVES training programmes. I attended the inaugural course myself and learned first- hand about new procedures addressing health and safety risks as well as helping to provide solutions in meeting reuse, recycling and recovery targets as set out by End-of-Life Vehicle Regulations. The demand for electric and hybrid cars is continuously increasing and as it does, so must academia and society meet the challenge of minimising the environmental impacts of transport for the benefit of future generations. This Electric ELVES training course is a positive step forward in this area.”    

According to Austin Kearns, Lecturer in Motor Engineering at Galway Mayo Institute of Technology

“GMIT was delighted to host this Electric ELVES training programme. The demand for electric and hybrid cars is continuously increasing and as it does, so must our capacity to deal with the issues that it presents for society. This Electric ELVES training course fits with GMIT’s ethos of providing our students with progressive and best in class quality training programmes in innovative and evolving areas of study.”

Both Adrian Delaney, Principal and Elaine O’Sullivan, Deputy Principal of Plunket College, Dublin are delighted to host the Electric ELVES training programme: 

“We always seek to provide progressive educational opportunities here at Plunket College of Further Education. Incorporating this new workshop-based learning about the procedures addressing health and safety risks, as well as helping to provide solutions in meeting reuse, recycling and recovery targets in the electric vehicle sector is a worthwhile and practical course partnership for us. The demand for electric and hybrid cars is continuously increasing and as it does, so must our capacity to deal with the issues that it presents for society. This Electric ELVES training course has its eye on the future.”


ELVES (ELV Environmental Services CLG) is the compliance scheme for End-of-Life Vehicles (ELVs). It was set up by vehicle manufacturers to deliver on their obligations under the ELV Regulations, and its members now include new and used vehicle importers. ELVES was approved by the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and the Environment to operate as the compliance scheme from the 1 January 2017 for an initial five-year period.

ELVES mission is to improve the processing of End-of-Life Vehicles in Ireland. With ELVES support, its Network of ATFs consistently meets the 95% reuse, recycling and recovery targets for all types of End-of-Life Vehicles including electric and hybrid models. The Electric ELVES programme is one of a number of initiatives ELVES have put into place to support the recycling and recovery of End-of-Life Vehicles.

The Electric ELVES programme provides a range of support to Irish ATFs when they receive a vehicle containing an industrial battery, such as electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or mild hybrid vehicle. After completion of this training, attendees will be further supported in the safe handling of batteries. ELVES has focused on facilitating training, providing model-specific dismantling information via the International Dismantling Information System, technical support in the event that the vehicle/battery is damaged and free collection and recycling of the battery if required.

For more information about ELVES, see