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ELVs – Revision of EU Rules – Public Consultation OPEN

A European Commission public consultation for the revision of EU rules of the ELV Directive is open for feedback.


ELVs – Revision of EU Rules - Public Consultation OPEN p

The EU environmental rules aim to ensure that end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) are managed sustainably. They seek to eliminate hazardous substances in cars and require that most ELV parts and materials are reused or recycled.

This initiative proposes improved collection, treatment and recycling of ELVs. It aims to ensure consistency with European Green Deal objectives by encouraging the car industry to adopt a sustainable model for the design and production of cars.

The open public consultation will be open for two groups of stakeholders; citizens with a general interest in the area of end-of-life vehicles, and stakeholders, eg. economic operators, NGOs, public administrations, who have specific knowledge and/or interest in end-of-life vehicles.

The reason for the consultation comes after the Commission completed an evaluation of Directive 2000/53/EC on end-of-life vehicles in 2021[1] and it identified various shortcomings of the ELV Directive.

ELVs – Revision of EU Rules - Public Consultation OPEN f fourFollowing up on the evaluation, the European Commission is now working on an impact assessment in support of a possible revision of the ELV Directive. In view of the links between the ELV Directive and the “3R type-approval” Directive 2005/64/EC, a joint review of both Directives will be carried out which was mentioned in a recent presentation by Artemis Hatzi-Hull from the European Commission, at the IARC 2021 (link to ARW or ATF here). She also said that alongside this, there will be a targeted survey and stakeholders interviews with the main actors in manufacturing and the recycling industry for cars. And that the aim is to have a stakeholder’s workshop at the end of the year to announce the outcome of this consultation.

The feedback period is from 20th July 2021 – 26th October 2021, to have your say go to or for further information, contact