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EMR USA Boosts Sustainability of its Global Operations with New Site at Duraport Marine Terminal in Bayonne, NJ

EMR USA, a world-leading metal recycler, has recently opened its latest state-of-the-art site at Duraport Marine Terminal in Bayonne, NJ. This new facility is expected to boost the company’s sustainability efforts and support its 2040 net-zero goal while contributing to the USA’s leadership in the emerging global green economy.


EMR USA Boosts Sustainability of its Global Operations with New Site at Duraport Marine Terminal in Bayonne, NJ p

Replacing an existing EMR USA terminal in Newark, the Duraport Marine Terminal site will enable the company to transport new, higher grades of recycled metal to customers in the USA and around the world. With its cutting-edge equipment and innovative features, the facility is poised to deliver high-quality sustainable materials while ensuring that potentially hazardous materials cannot leak into the local environment.

The Duraport Marine Terminal facility has been developed with sustainability at the forefront. Its all-concrete flooring and innovative dust-suppression system will ensure that potentially hazardous materials are contained, mitigating the risk of environmental contamination.

The site’s commitment to sustainability is in line with EMR’s ambition to reach net-zero by 2040, as set out in the company’s market-leading Sustainability Strategy. The new site will utilize the latest electrified equipment, including material handlers, to produce high-quality sustainable materials and reduce the use of fossil fuels wherever possible.

The new site will also significantly advance EMR USA’s efforts to decarbonize its use of transport. Sea freight is a low-carbon transport option for moving materials to steelworks, both within the US and abroad, where recycled metal can be processed competitively and responsibly.

The Duraport Marine Terminal includes a rail interlink that offers significant carbon savings and increased efficiency compared to road transport. The facility also provides better access for trucks than the Newark site, making it a viable option for businesses that require truck transportation.

EMR USA’s commitment to safety is evident in the design and equipment used in the Duraport Marine Terminal facility. The site features an advanced camera system and other fire safety equipment to ensure the safety of EMR USA’s customers, employees, and the local community at all times.

The opening of EMR’s Duraport facility is a significant commitment and long-term investment by the company to remain in the Northern New Jersey and New York metropolitan region. The new site is expected to create jobs and stimulate economic growth in the region while advancing EMR USA’s sustainability efforts.

Edward Sciaba, EMR USA’s Eastern Region VP, said:

“Across our business, EMR USA is taking a leading role in preparing manufacturers, steelmakers and other important customers for the cleaner, greener economy that lies ahead.

The opening of this state-of-the-art facility at Duraport Marine Terminal will enhance the quality of the material we can deliver to these partners while making our own operations more sustainable and fit for the challenges and opportunities our industry faces.

Thanks to its all-concrete flooring and innovative dust suppression system, EMR USA is once again underlining its commitment to environmental protection, while our investment in the latest electrified equipment – including material handlers – continues our drive to reach net-zero emissions by 2040.

Our team has worked exceptionally hard to get this new site ready to go and I’m excited that we can now reap the rewards, delivering high-quality sustainable materials to customers across America and the world.”