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ERC 2023: Accelerating Car Recycling in the Age of Electric Vehicles

EuRIC, the European Recycling Industries’ Confederation, in collaboration with DENUO, the Belgian waste management and recycling federation, is proud to present the European Recycling Conference (ERC) 2023 – a special edition that sheds light on the critical role of recycling within the automotive sector. This emphasis is particularly timely, given the European Commission’s recently proposed legislation that includes a mandatory target to incorporate at least 25% of recycled plastics into new cars, with a quarter sourced from end-of-life vehicles (ELVs).


"ERC 2023: Accelerating Car Recycling in the Age of Electric Vehicles" soc


Why Focus on Car Recycling?

The automotive landscape is in a state of transformation, with electric vehicles (EVs) poised to replace traditional combustion engine vehicles by 2035. This shift carries profound implications for an industry that supports 12.6 million jobs in the European Union. Plastics play a pivotal role in modern vehicle construction, constituting roughly 50% of car components. This includes dashboards, bumpers, handles, buttons, casings, and numerous other elements. The Commission’s proposal has elicited both commendations from recyclers and scepticism from car manufacturers and the plastics industry.

Navigating the Transformative Path

The recent transformation of the End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV) Directive into a Regulation is merely the inception of a transformative journey. Substantial investments are expected to ensure the EU maintains its leadership in car recycling. The recycling industry stands ready to meet the challenge set by the EU Executive, armed with state-of-the-art technologies operating at an industrial scale. These technologies can efficiently convert automotive plastic waste into recycled materials suitable for reuse within the automotive industry or other applications. The Commission’s proposed recycling targets will be a game-changer to bolster competitiveness among dismantlers and stimulate demand for recycled plastics and spur investments in green industrial value chains.  On the other hand, the draft regulation contains requirements that need clarification and others that may need amendment to ensure they are fit-for-purpose to boost rather than hamper ELV re-use and recycling. The ERC 2023 aims to delve into these critical developments, offering insights and discussions that will shape the future of car recycling in the context of a circular economy.

What Awaits You at the special edition of ERC 2023?

ERC 2023 offers a unique opportunity to gain insights from distinguished speakers representing both the industry and the policy-making sphere. They will provide firsthand accounts of the latest economic and policy developments resulting from these changes. Nevertheless, ERC offers much more than just a traditional conference experience. Recognising the significance of networking, ERC 2023 places a strong emphasis on facilitating networking. Following the half-day conference, attendees will have the unique opportunity to connect with fellow participants during a networking walking dinner at De Warande, a historic and prestigious venue nestled in the heart of Brussels.


Why ERC 2023 is a “must”

The agenda for ERC 2023 promises a dynamic and insightful day of discussions and networking. Kicking off at 15:30, Virginijus Sinkevičius, Commissioner for Environment, Oceans, and Fisheries at the European Commission, will set the tone with a short opening video message. Following that, at 15:35, Mattia Pellegrini, Head of Unit, From Waste to Resources, DG Environment, European Commission, will deliver the introductory keynote speech, delving into the theme of driving circularity in the automotive sector. The agenda also includes a captivating panel discussion at 16:00, featuring industry leaders such as Olivier François, President of EuRIC, Ragnar Crona, Manager of Circular Economy at Volvo, Poul Steen Rasmussen, CEO at Genan and President of EuRIC Mechanical Tyre Recycling (MTR), and Kris Van der Plas, Head of Public Affairs at LKQ Europe. Providing insights into the transformative changes in the automotive recycling landscape, ERC 2023 promises to be a pivotal event in the world of car recycling. Join us in Brussels and become a part of this transformative journey.

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