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EV Battery Database for Recyclers

Andy Latham, Founder and CEO of Salvage Wire Ltd, will give his presentation – ‘Electric and Hybrid Vehicles – A New Chapter’ at next week’s Virtual 77th Annual ARA Convention & Exposition about the new hybrid and electric vehicle technology book and battery database.

EV Battery Database for Recyclers pWhy do vehicle manufacturers develop new models and new technology? Easy answer, because their customers want the change or legislators force them to change. Electric and Hybrid vehicles fall into both of these camps and as a result, the technology found in these vehicles is changing and developing all the time as manufacturers strive to give better range, reduce the weight of the vehicles and lower the cost.

EV Battery Database for Recyclers p two
Andy Latham

 The Automotive Recyclers Association have developed two new resources for vehicle recyclers over the last few months, a new hybrid and electric vehicle technology book and a battery database – both to be shortly available from the ARA University.

The book is designed with vehicle recyclers in mind, it highlights the technology that underpins these vehicles, the risks and dangers, how to minimise or eradicate these risks and also goes into vehicle recovery, collection, storage and dismantling along with battery recycling, battery disposal and transportation of these components.

In addition, a battery database is being developed that will eventually have data from all global vehicle manufacturers to highlight how many batteries are in each vehicle, the chemistry of these batteries and where they are. The thinking behind this project is to have all this data available to vehicle recyclers so they can remove and recycle all the batteries in each vehicle, with the benefit of reducing the number of harmful products that end up in landfill, increase the volumes of batteries that are recycled as well as reduce the risk of scrap metal fires caused by batteries being left in the scrap.

The Automotive Recyclers Association 77th annual convention is being held on the 11-13 November wherever you are. This year’s convention is a virtual event meaning you can meet up with the brightest and best in the industry, network with your peers and attend the virtual expo without leaving your office, home or couch!

Find out more at and look for “Electric and Hybrid Vehicles – A New Chapter” presented by Andy Latham to find out more about the new technology book and the battery database. 

About Andy Latham

Andy is an automotive engineer with over 40 years experience in the industry, master certified electric and hybrid vehicle technician, Andy helps a wide range of businesses across the world with electric and hybrid technology and training.