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France – 50 million euros to fund EV battery recycling

At the recent Equip Auto conference, French minister delegate for industry, Roland Lescure, announced the creation of a 50 million euro fund to support French stakeholders in the recycling of EV batteries.


France - 50 million euros to fund EV battery recycling p

The fund is intended for fifteen winning companies and supplements the 20 million euros allocated to the retrofitting of thermal vehicles.

According to J2, the minister specified the destination of part of the billion euros released to support the vehicle battery sector, as part of the France 2030 plan. He said: “50 million euros will be allocated to 15 winning companies to address battery sovereignty issues. Among them, 50% are SMEs.” The challenge is to recycle part of their material in the production of new cells (produced in the future French gigafactories).

The Minister specified that the government’s goal is to achieve the production of one million EVs per year by the end of Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term.

He added: “20 million euros will be allocated to research in the field of retrofitting because it would be a virtuous way of supporting the transition in a less expensive way for the French. The idea is to help the actors (stakeholders) concerned because the vehicles must be certified, which implies an industrial logic.”

The minister insisted on the government’s desire to support the entire sector – starting with heavy industries – in adapting to the transition in the automotive world. Yet, nothing is still planned to support the maintenance of the millions of thermal vehicles (and the maintenance of their anti-pollution performance) still in circulation by 2035-2045, as claimed by part of the after-sales sector.