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France Auto Reman calls for ‘big push’ for auto parts

At its recent general meeting, France Auto Reman called for a big push for parts from the circular economy to be taken, calling to rethink production and usage models to better integrate environmentally.


France Auto Reman calls for ‘big push’ for auto parts p

According to Décision Atelier, France Auto Reman, an association bringing together French manufacturing companies, celebrated its first anniversary and held its general meeting at the former Bridgestone factory in Béthune, which has become a tyre retreading centre. The collective defends the interests of its members by producing parts from the circular economy. And around fifty companies at this stage recalled during the meeting, their desire to speak and collaborate with all the players in the automotive aftermarket. 

Julien Dubois, president of France Auto Reman said:

“The circular economy must not remain the business of a few, remanufacturers or dismantlers, but bring together all the players in the sector, manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, distributors, repairers, motorists, insurers or even fleet managers.”

The association has announced its desire to set up a demanding framework for the qualification of remanufactured products in the coming months, taking the form of a label, in order to support all buyers in their choices, in order to clearly distinguish the real fake refurbished products.

France Auto Reman participates in the consultations launched by the public authorities to clarify the writing of future regulations. But beyond the regulatory requirements, the association wishes to increase its educational actions aimed at repairers but also the general public to remind people of the existence and advantages of choosing these alternative, ecological and economical parts. For the collective, the ecological aspect is, above all, one of the solutions to be provided in the face of climate change, the “challenge of the century”.

Dubois recalled that these circular economy solutions save on average 80% of materials, natural resources and energy while being sold at 50% of the price compared to new parts. But also that 90% of the remanufactured parts sold in France are produced in France or in Europe.