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Gensco and Iris-Mec Partner to Provide Automotive Recycling Equipment in North America and Latin America

Toronto-based recycling equipment supplier Gensco Equipment and Italian automotive dismantling and depollution equipment manufacturer Iris-Mec have announced an exclusive partnership to market Iris-Mec’s product line across North America and parts of Latin America.


Gensco and Iris-Mec Partner to Provide Automotive Recycling Equipment in North America and Latin America p
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Gensco will supply Iris-Mec’s equipment through its extensive dealer network, ensuring that it is readily available to customers throughout the Americas. The partnership will provide customers with access to Iris-Mec’s cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices, as well as Gensco’s knowledge and support system.

“This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility,” said Sean Abenstein, Gensco’s Chief Commercial Officer. “By joining forces with Iris-Mec, we are setting a new benchmark for automotive recycling, one that places cutting-edge technology hand in hand with sustainable practices.”

Iris-Mec’s depollution and dismantling equipment is designed to streamline the process and emphasize safe operation, seamless fluid separation, efficiency, and responsible disposal of hazardous materials. The company’s equipment also features precision dismantling, automated efficiency, and environmental stewardship.

“We are excited to partner with Gensco to bring our innovative depollution and dismantling equipment to customers in North America and Latin America,” said Iris-Mec CEO Davide Guglielmetti. “This partnership will help us to further our mission of providing sustainable solutions for the automotive recycling industry.”

The exclusive partnership between Gensco and Iris-Mec is a significant development for the automotive recycling industry. It provides customers with access to the latest technology and best practices in depollution and dismantling, and it helps to ensure that automotive recycling is conducted in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.