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Getting started with EV dismantling starter sets

Henk Van Olst, located in Nunspeet, has seen up close what happens when a lithium-ion battery catches fire. “In 2018, a fire started here (the bicycle storage facility opposite the company) in fifteen minutes. This fire in a battery led to a conflagration that eventually raged for several days because it could not be extinguished. Now there is a new building,” he said.


Getting started with EV dismantling starter sets p
©Henk van Olst

Van Olst added:

“Our company has been around since 1972. When a car with a battery arrives, which is not often the case, we are extra careful with it. Hybrid and electric cars with a lithium-ion propulsion battery are quite different from the cars that we traditionally disassemble. Our dismantlers have followed the EV disassembly training at Innovam. So they know what to look out for for the safe disassembly of a battery. Until recently, however, we did not have the right tools in house. This situation has come to an end with the arrival of the EV disassembly starter set. It is good that the different tools are collected in an EV disassembly package. It all looks professional, and the material is well put together.”

The EV disassembly starter set contains basic tools and personal protective equipment that are needed to safely disassemble a battery from an electric or hybrid car. The set has been put together in consultation with Wurth, suppliers of quality tools. The dismantling companies affiliated with ARN, of which an employee has followed the training for the safe dismantling of EV vehicles at Innovam, can make use of the offer.

Together with Innovam, ARN is committed to training dismantlers to safely dismantle electrically powered cars. ARN also bears part of the training costs.

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