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Global Certified Trainer Network launched by Salvage Wire

Salvage Wire, an award-winning automotive consultancy business based in the United Kingdom, launched a new Global Certified Trainer Network today to bring training to vehicle technicians around the world.


Global Certified Trainer Network launched by Salvage Wire p
Andy Latham

Initially focusing on electric and hybrid vehicles, this certified network will enable vehicle trainers to deliver accredited training to its customers and clients locally.

As volumes of these vehicles increase across the world, fully trained and competent technicians are essential for the safe repair of high voltage vehicles, and the Salvage Wire Certified Trainer programme will raise standards, bring accredited training to more candidates, give all the trainers regular updates and development, and allow the trainers to share case studies and best practices with the rest of the network.

Andy Latham, CEO of Salvage Wire said:

“This is an awesome initiative that will help training providers complete more training, increase standards across the industry, and help more vehicle technicians prepare for a zero-emissions future.”

Training available will include Salvage Wire developed training programmes, plus training accredited by global training organisations, and it will be suitable for all technician levels from introduction through to master level.

As the network develops and grows, more automotive training courses will be added to the programme, including hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and air conditioning systems.

Register your interest in becoming a Salvage Wire Certified Trainer by emailing a copy of your CV to

Salvage Wire is an award-winning automotive consultancy business based in the United Kingdom. It has been operating for over 8 years and initially focused on the automotive recycling industry, but over the last five years, the company has developed into a world-leading consultancy and training organisation for electric and hybrid vehicles, working with leading universities and research and development centres on cutting edge technology as well as the scrap and recycling industry, and businesses between these two extremes who repair, service, modify, maintain and recover these vehicles.

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