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How Cloud-Based Technology is Changing the Auto Recycling Industry

For our series focusing on aspects of digitalization and how it affects the Auto Recycling Industry, we rely once again on Troy Webber, CEO of Yardsmart and Chesterfield Auto Parts in Richmond, Virginia. He explains the reasons behind creating the Yardsmart App and how it drives the self-service auto recycling business into a more efficient, thus more lucrative business model.


How Cloud-Based Technology is Changing the Auto Recycling Industry p
Troy Webber

As the third-generation owner of three self-service auto recycling yards, Webber found himself continually trying to keep up with the ever-increasing changes within the auto industry. He did this by continually updating his computers instead of having the correct software available. So, he created one that would update continuously based on clientele needs and input. It does everything he needs for the business and is capable of expansion.

1. Specifically related to the relevance of Yardsmart and the digitalization of the self-service auto recycling industry, how is your team working to keep    client subscribers happy?

We are constantly in touch with our clients about what works and what doesn’t work for them. By communicating and being accessible, we are able to tweak and provide updates to the software regularly. We push out updates to the program every Thursday so that our subscribers receive the newest and best version of the app every time they log in. This type of customer service provides a feeling of inclusion, of being heard, and they receive a timely response to any issue they may experience. Additionally, being involved in the process alleviates any surprises.

2. Why is the Yardsmart app the only one of its kind in terms of a Software as a Service offering available in auto recycling right now?

Yardsmart is the only Cloud-based YMS built solely for the self-service recycler.  There are other Cloud-based software options, but not built for self-service. There are other self-service YMS, but they use old technology that requires expensive hardware and manual updates. It is the only one of its kind because we had nothing technologically modern enough that was capable of addressing the needs of thousands of self-service auto recyclers. The issues we faced resulted in us working with a software company to develop the app based on the needs our three locations faced. The aim was to resolve the issues going forward with a software capable of taking us into the future for a long time to come.

3. How is Yardsmart and its creation relevant to the community as a whole?

The Yardsmart app is the new technology for the new version of the Auto Recycling industry.  Many businesses in the industry are making the change to self-service in one way or another, and Yardsmart automatically provides a new and easy way to make the change. It doesn’t make good business sense to build a new business with 20-year-old computers, right?

4. Today, the status of digitalization is important for the community to understand and how it can provide an improvement for auto recyclers. In light of that, why is it important to continually update software?

It is important to modernize and stay abreast of the technology because the only constant in the auto industry is change. New car manufacturers make it a point to change their models every year. As far back as the late 80s, the auto industry has become increasingly more digitalized to the point where most modern cars are gasoline-powered computers, and it will only get worse (or better). As the industry that is tasked with disposing of these cars, we have to be willing and able to adapt.  That is why Yardsmart is cloud-based. We can keep up with the ever-changing industry and adapt the software to the most modern technology available so that you will be ready when that new technology shows up in your yard.

a) How does this help in the most basic way? b) How does it help in the most advanced ways?

Our subscribers receive the newest version of Yardsmart every time they sign in. We provide seamless updates weekly, so there isn’t much they have to do. Also, since we have an integrated Hollander Interchange, Yardsmart will automatically provide you with the latest updates as part of your subscription. When the industry gets the update, so will you!

5. Moving into the future, how do you see digitalization changing the community further?

In terms of changes, I see digitalization as providing us with more useful tools to improve the efficiency of our operations. By giving us insights into how the business is performing, we can minimize waste, maximize our returns and make decisions about how to best run our businesses. It can help us do more with less.

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