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IAA Transport™ Launch Accelerates Vehicle Transportation Process

IAA, Inc., a leading global digital marketplace connecting vehicle buyers and sellers, announces the launch of IAA Transport™, which enables buyers to digitally order transportation for purchased vehicles at the time of checkout or post-payment.

IAA Transport™ Launch Accelerates Vehicle Transportation Process p

IAA Transport eliminates the process of manually booking transportation for purchased vehicles – with no phone calls, separate invoices or manual follow-up process needed.  In addition, the service provides the assurance that a trusted partner (IAA) is responsible for vehicle movement. At the time of launch, IAA Transport offers U.S. coast-to-coast coverage, along with Hawaii and Alaska, as well as all of Europe, with select global markets to quickly follow. Transport can be ordered at the time of payment and real-time tracking updates are available within IAA’s platform to provide visibility into vehicle movement as well as the expected drop-off date.

Justin Mahlik, Sr. Vice President, Global Buyer Development and Data for IAA said:

“IAA Transport is a significant advancement in our industry, streamlining the transportation process to ensure easier and more efficient delivery of purchased vehicles.” He added: “Our buyers are excited about this capability, which represents another example of IAA’s ability to leverage technology and innovation to provide efficiency and meaningful value to our growing buyer base.”

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