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ICBR 2020: A bridge between old and new mobilities

ICBR 2020, the 25th International Congress for Battery Recycling, the only international conference dedicated to the battery and battery end of life industry ecosystem is holding its 25th-anniversary edition in Salzburg, Austria, from 16th – 18th September 2020. 


ICBR 2020 Leopold Fellinger post

ICM is pleased to introduce the first great keynote speaker at ICBR 2020 – Leopold Fellinger, Chief Creative Officer of Porsche Austria since 2016, currently Head of MOONCITY, a hub for new and electric mobility, located in Salzburg. The opening of the centre that is yet another Porsche milestone marks the 70th anniversary of Porsche Austria and will help shape upcoming changes in mobility and energy, which constitute the most dramatic transition in the history of the automobile. 

ICM talked to Mr Fellinger about this exciting project.

Mr Fellinger, why did Porsche Holdings create MOONCITY? 

Porsche Holdings is the largest car wholesaler and retailer in Europe, distributing all the VW Group’s brands. Three years ago we had the idea of creating here in Austria, a centre dedicated to 100% electro-mobility. As a wholesaler and retailer, we consider that our role is also to develop new business ideas and create new experiences of mobility. Moon was already proposing charging solutions so it seemed natural that we focus on charging infrastructure.

What is your ambition for MOONCITY? 

To become the competence centre for e-mobility. And e-mobility is not just electric cars, MOONCITY is working on infrastructure and traffic solutions, connected vehicles, and we are a battery repair centre too. MOONCITY is in fact home to diverse communities in the field of electro-mobility, it is a bridge between old and new mobilities.

What are your battery experts currently working on? 

We are focusing on second and even third life solutions. We have cooperation projects with technical universities looking at the re-use of batteries in containerized formats for photovoltaic installations in the Austrian countryside, second life in households, providing energy or electric vehicle charging infrastructure at big events such as festivals etc. We are also working on mobility and traffic solutions for Salzburg with the technical university in Vienna.

What can we expect from MOONCITY in the future? 

MOONCITY will provide a new experience of electric mobility. Discussions in most countries focus more on public transport but we believe that there are more opportunities than ever to reinvent our personal mobility today. Come to experience MOONCITY in Salzburg for yourselves on September 18. We look forward to welcoming you! 

ICBR offers the unique networking opportunity regular delegates have come to expect from ICM conferences. This year you will not be disappointed as ICBR celebrates being “the place to be” for experts of the battery recycling business world for a quarter of a century. Don’t miss this exciting chance of visiting the MOONCITY and benefit from the early bird fee when registering by 31st July.

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