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INDRA exports its car recycling expertise to Europe

Charles Trent Ltd, based in Poole, calls on Indra Automobile Recycling to develop an industrial site for the dismantling of cars in Great Britain. After Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Belgium, Indra Automobile Recycling is continuing to export its industrial expertise in the treatment of end-of-life vehicles.


INDRA exports its car recycling expertise to Europe p

The French company designs and deploys innovative services across the entire automotive recycling value chain. Its systemic approach to automotive recycling takes the form of 4 skills distinct and complementary:

  1. Advice to companies & public authorities for the development of the circular economy
  2. R&D applied to the entire recycling value chain
  3. End-of-life vehicle management
  4. Management of a Network of Approved End-of-Life Vehicle Centers

Objective: to create an industrial site serving the automotive circular economy in the UK.

Charles TRENT Ltd called on the R&D department of Indra Automobile Recycling “Re-source Engineering Solutions“ in 2018 to consider restructuring its flows and its ELV processing process on its site.

Mission: to process 30,000 vehicles per year, dismantle 210,000 parts per year and train a team of 52 dismantlers. An investment of approximately 1.3 million euros. The whole process of deconstruction, depollution and recycling has been studied by Indra Automobile Recycling and customized to constraints encountered on site.

A great European collaboration which made it possible to quickly train the teams

After a pre-study in 2018 and installation of the first equipment in 2019, a first phase follows implementation of the process in 2020, with the creation of a new building and then a second phase in 2022.

Thus, deconstruction lines equipped with tilters, in particular, make it possible to process both vehicles with high added value and a large volume of more standard vehicles.

LOIC BEY-ROZET, CEO of Indra Automobile Recycling, said:

“We are the leaders in France in our field with great prospects for international development, it is above all, close of 200 women and men who, on a daily basis, actively collaborate and successfully undertake new promising green businesses.

At INDRA AUTOMOBILE RECYCLING, we are very proud to bring our advice and our expertise to the implementation of processes and Turnkey site allowing the processing of End-of-Life Vehicles outside our borders. Following a diagnosis and study of flows, our ability to equip and then technically train operators, allows us to set up depollution and recycling sites in the world. The promotion of the automotive circular economy requires the professionalization of the dismantling profession to optimize sorting materials upstream of the crusher and reused parts: know-how that we are proud to export.”


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