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INDRA – Supporting the auto recycling industry

Auto Recycling World speaks to Chrystelle Drevon, who is in charge of Business Development in Europe for INDRA Automobile Recycling, based in France, about the organisation’s role in the automotive recycling industry.


INDRA - Supporting the auto recycling industry p
Chrystelle Drevon

INDRA – Past to Present

Founded in 1985 and owned equally by Suez and Renault since 2011, INDRA Automobile Recycling is positioned across the entire recycling chain through four businesses:

  1. Sourcing
  2. Management of a network of approved ELV centers
  3. Two dismantling sites
  4. Engineering activities

The company employs 203 people. It generates a turnover of 73.6M€ and, through its network of 380 approved ELV centers, dismantles more than 535 452 ELVs (2022 volume), representing a network turnover of 300,000K€.

In France, each year, 1.8M vehicles reach the end of their life, of which 1.2M enter the recycling circuit.

The importance of introducing new processes whilst maintaining standards

To manage its 380 ELV centers, INDRA has two of its own dismantling sites, which are part of its network and which allow the organization to understand the business models of the dismantling profession.

Based on this understanding and knowledge gained through its sites, INDRA is able to set up norms and standards relating to organisation, dismantling methods, necessary tools, dismantling quality, etc., in all of its ELV centers within its network. And this can only be done if a strong functional link is built with this network described in a contract, which allows sharing and increasing performance through training, which is one key element.

Encouraging network members to share methods

INDRA defines aims for its network, which, if achieved, are paid for at the end of the year. And these objectives include processes that allow the network to evolve constantly.

The principle guiding is to support them in all their activities and ensure that they are continually evolving in front of changing regulations. The AURECA Center (Automobile Recycling Academy) also organises training throughout the year. The main themes are technical and safety, reusable spare parts and electric vehicles, as well as many others…, all of which are available in different modules.

As already mentioned, a network must share standards and norms. From there, a culture is built. This construction of a culture enables INDRA to promote the image of a network.

Focus on Continual Improvement, Education and Good Practice

When running a network, it is essential to keep a constant focus on its economic balance. So every new idea and every new organisation must constantly meet a positive economic equation.

Education is the strength of a network

INDRA organize meetings and conventions. Network members are kept informed, and INDRA listens to them. This strong link allows INDRA to play on the parameters that make up the network system it constitutes. In other words, it is necessary to increase performance by changing the parameters while preserving the balance of the system that is a network.

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Regulations and promoting auto recycling in France and throughout Europe

INDRA is the leader in France and handles 40% of the market.

The auto recycling sector in Europe is extremely fragmented. Indeed, the market is mainly made up of small family companies. The only way to be a significant player today is to manage a network.

INDRA intervenes at different levels of the ELV sector, which enables the network organization to act upstream of the sector with sourcing at the centre of the sector with our engineering team, and downstream of the sector with the commercial organisation, which enables us to have a 360° vision of automotive recycling.

Each country is different. European countries are governed by the same regulations, yet each has its own specificities.

In Europe, INDRA works with independent professionals who have a strong desire for change in their country to organise and promote automotive recycling.

In Europe, INDRA’s ambition is, therefore, not to duplicate what exists in France but to understand the market, organizations, the issues and adapt their expertise to support the ELV sector.

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