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International Vehicle Recycling Summit – a free event

With a scrappage scheme recently announced in India, Auto Recycling World, in collaboration with ICCE (International Council for Circular Economy), have organised an international summit for the vehicle recycling community.


International Vehicle Recycling Summit - a free event p

Organised for the end of April 2021, this free, three-session event will bring together some of the industry’s most respected speakers. For those attending, not only will there be the opportunity to listen to their thoughts on their chosen topics, but there will also be the chance to ask them questions. Furthermore, the platform being used for the webinars will also provide the unique opportunity for those attending to network with others via video conferencing.

Focus on this first event, hosted by Auto Recycling World, will be on the Indian vehicle recycling industry as it sets about introducing its scrappage scheme to the nation. Industry leaders and experts from the continent will be offering valuable insight into challenges and the progress being made regarding auto recycling. Those attending will also have the opportunity to ask them questions on their particular topics.

Making it an international event, speakers from several International associations will also provide presentations to reflect on their respective countries’ situations and highlight how vehicle recycling is a truly global industry.

Webinar Sandy Blalock
Sandy Blalock

Sandy Blalock, Executive Director of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) in the US, who will be speaking at the summit, said:

“Automotive recycling on a global scale will continue to grow as emerging vehicle technologies are introduced that will require more cooperation within the industry to assure our continued success. We all learn from one another; that’s what we do best, share our successes and failures for the good of automotive recycling.”

As well as the opportunity for those attending to listen and talk to the speakers, the webinar will also provide the chance for them to network with others over the three sessions. The platform being used has the unique option for all those attending to video chat with others before and after each speaker’s presentation.

Haydn Davies, the editor of Auto Recycling World and creator of the webinar, commented:

“India is at a juncture when it comes to vehicle recycling, so this is ideal for creating this event to draw focus. There is much interest in what is happening in India. We want to bring the global auto recycling community together to learn more and provide an opportunity for those looking in to find out more and those involved to reach out and forge long and strong relationships.

Auto Recycling World is dedicated to bringing the global auto recycling industry together. We hope that this will be the first of many webinars to concentrate on the situation in specific areas.”

Shalini Goyal Bhalla webinar
Shalini Goyal Bhalla

Shalini Goyal-Bhalla, a speaker at the event and MD of the IC-CE who is co-hosting the event, said:

“This summit is a conglomerate of some of the best global brains working in auto recycling and associated industries. This virtual event, spanning over three days from 27th to 29th April, is not to be missed. Hear from experts about their views, methods and technology adapted by this industry with sustainability being a major focus.”

The webinars are free for everyone wishing to attend. They will be held on the 27th, 28th and 29th of April 2021. Registration and more information can be found here.