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LIFE PlasPLUS Final Event Showcases Innovative Recycling Solutions for the Automotive Industry

The final event of LIFE PlasPLUS took place on June 20, 2023, in Mons. The event was a resounding success, with a sold-out venue and an online audience of nearly 60 participants.


LIFE PlasPLUS Final Event Showcases Innovative Recycling Solutions for the Automotive Industry p

The main objective of the day was to disseminate and exploit the project’s results. One of the remarkable achievements showcased was the successful upcycling of high-quality purified secondary thermoplastics such as ABS, FPP, and PS into car interior parts. Additionally, the project demonstrated the recovery of critical raw materials, specifically antimony, from mixed plastic waste sourced from end-of-life vehicles and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). Notably, the project showcased the manufacturing of car interior parts made of 100% recycled filled Polypropylene at an industrial scale, meeting all OEM requirements and standard validation procedures. The validation of a second part made of 75% recycled ABS was also highlighted, marking a significant milestone for the project.

For more detailed information, interested individuals were encouraged to refer to PlasPLUS Newsletter #4 and watch the project’s full video below:

The event also featured presentations from key European associations, including Plastics Europe, Plastics Recyclers Europe, and EURIC. They discussed the future of the circular plastics ecosystem, particularly emphasizing the forthcoming ELV directive expected to be published by mid-July. The new directive is predicted to have a substantial impact on enhancing the circularity of the automotive value chain.

Furthermore, a visit to the Groupe Comet facilities was organised as part of the event, which proved to be highly successful and well-received by the attendees.

To facilitate further engagement and knowledge-sharing, two parallel sessions were held, focusing on Thermoplastics and Antimony, respectively. These sessions served as a valuable platform for brainstorming and discussing the “After LIFE environment.” Participants had the opportunity to provide inputs and insights into future industrial developments for the technologies developed in the project.

LIFE PlasPLUS emphasized its commitment to keeping the audience informed about the project’s results. Visit