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Auto Recyclers Experience

Cash flow during COVID-19 – what can you do to help yourself. Online Economy 2.0 for Auto Recyclers – The New World. What’s on the other side of total lockdown?

Cores - Mining for Gold Is it time for the Heimlich manoeuvre on your inventory? - Old Stock Survive to Thrive Why do Australians call flip-flops "thongs"?

eBay and AVIVA insurance discuss reclaimed parts and its B2B initiative for vehicle recyclers in the UK.

VACC working frantically to support the automotive industry – what does this mean for auto recyclers How Justin Walker of Grant Walker Parts is taking the business into the future Strategies being used to market a business in these tough times

• How has the supply chain changed for the collision repair industry and what does it look like in the future? • How can the auto recycling industry support collision repairers and insurers to achieve a win/win outcome?

- In rapidly changing times, are trading and/or marketing groups more important? - How have trading groups improved purchasing through a consolidated approach for their members? - Data sharing and benchmarking – why and how does this help members?

- Why recyclers, insurers and eBay in the UK are embracing certification and why does it matter? - Chad’s observations on the differences between Australia, UK and the USA. - Trading groups and your future growth.

- What is the VRA doing to drive the reclaimed parts agenda in the UK? - How is Marc Trent taking Charles Trent Ltd to a new level and why is he focussed on consumer safety?

• What causes Catalytic Converter prices to fluctuate? • Selling Catalytic Converters - What is Assay Should you sell at the spot price or Assay? • Predicting Price Changes - “You've got to know when to hold 'em, Know when to fold 'em”

- What can the VMs do to help auto recyclers to deal with recalled parts today and beyond Takata? - How can recyclers help the VMs in their quest to remove unsafe parts from sale and report this accurately through their completion rates? - What is ‘Recall Contact Tracing’ and why is it important?

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