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UCC 2021 Aug T


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Auto Recyclers Experience

Cash flow during COVID-19 – what can you do to help yourself. Online Economy 2.0 for Auto Recyclers – The New World. What’s on the other side of total lockdown?

Cores - Mining for Gold Is it time for the Heimlich manoeuvre on your inventory? - Old Stock Survive to Thrive Why do Australians call flip-flops "thongs"?

eBay and AVIVA insurance discuss reclaimed parts and its B2B initiative for vehicle recyclers in the UK.

VACC working frantically to support the automotive industry – what does this mean for auto recyclers How Justin Walker of Grant Walker Parts is taking the business into the future Strategies being used to market a business in these tough times

• How has the supply chain changed for the collision repair industry and what does it look like in the future? • How can the auto recycling industry support collision repairers and insurers to achieve a win/win outcome?

- In rapidly changing times, are trading and/or marketing groups more important? - How have trading groups improved purchasing through a consolidated approach for their members? - Data sharing and benchmarking – why and how does this help members?

- Why recyclers, insurers and eBay in the UK are embracing certification and why does it matter? - Chad’s observations on the differences between Australia, UK and the USA. - Trading groups and your future growth.

- What is the VRA doing to drive the reclaimed parts agenda in the UK? - How is Marc Trent taking Charles Trent Ltd to a new level and why is he focussed on consumer safety?

• What causes Catalytic Converter prices to fluctuate? • Selling Catalytic Converters - What is Assay Should you sell at the spot price or Assay? • Predicting Price Changes - “You've got to know when to hold 'em, Know when to fold 'em”

- What can the VMs do to help auto recyclers to deal with recalled parts today and beyond Takata? - How can recyclers help the VMs in their quest to remove unsafe parts from sale and report this accurately through their completion rates? - What is ‘Recall Contact Tracing’ and why is it important?

Auto Safety – what does it have to do with the auto recycling industry. Why should auto recyclers be concerned about safety recalls and the parts they sell? How promoting your compliance with consumer laws and commitment to public safety will help you sell more safe parts!

• What is a bidding tool like BidBuddy or BidPad – why, how and what? - Why do most Australian and New Zealand recyclers not use one? • How can you use bidding tools to buy better and make more money?

URG CEO Joins us to discuss Auto Recycling in the future – Interchange, ADAS and Insurers

ACCC LIVE - Takata Airbag Recall - Role of Auto Recyclers and Vehicle Manufacturers Beyond 2020

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