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Mobilians Guide On Recommendations And Good Practices – INERIS Report

As part of its mission to support the transition of its professions, MOBILIANS launched an INERIS study* in 2023 in order to take stock of the risks linked to the treatment and recycling of electric and hybrid vehicles and thus offer professionals a practical guide published on the recommendations of this study for professional recyclers / ELV centers.


Mobilians Guide On Recommendations And Good Practices - INERIS Report soc


Anticipate the rise of the electrified ELV

The electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle (EV/HV) market has been growing significantly in recent years. In 2023, France recorded more than 300,000 registrations of electric vehicles, an increase of 40% compared to 2022. Even if the number of electric and hybrid end-of-life vehicles (ELV/H) supported does not represent today only a small proportion of all ELVs treated (less than 1%), the trend will automatically be upward in the years to come.

It is essential to anticipate these market developments for MOBILIANS and the recycling sector that MOBILIANS supports, as adaptations in terms of skills and processes require time and planning. As Laurent Hérail, vice-president of the business, indicates: 

“The priority is obviously to put in place the necessary authorizations and protections for our teams, and then we must also develop a whole new route for the electrified vehicle in its deconstruction.”

This is why MOBILIANS is pleased to present today the report carried out with INERIS and entitled ‘Study on the risks linked to the management of batteries of end-of-life electric and hybrid vehicles by approved ELV centers – regulations, risks and good practices.’

The circular economy, a lever for strengthening the strategic autonomy of France and Europe

More broadly, it is important to recall the central place of recycling in French and European circular economy policies. The strategic challenges of France and Europe are strongly represented by the capacity to efficiently recycle raw materials and electric batteries.

This subject is crucial in discussions on Europe’s dependence on the manufacturing of electric batteries. The solution to greater autonomy also lies in recycling them.

Xavier Horent, general delegate of MOBILIANS indicates that:

“Mobilians is actively committed to supporting the recycler sector in this essential transition. The study conducted by INERIS and its practical guide are designed to enable as many professionals as possible to anticipate these developments and meet these new challenges with competence and confidence.”

Patrick Poincelet, president of the End-of-Life Vehicle Recyclers business within MOBILIANS, would like to point out that:

“The recycler sector has always been able to adapt to regulatory, environmental and economic changes. This guide prepared by Mobilans for professionals will allow everyone to adapt to face these new challenges and enable France to become the European leader in the recycling of electric and hybrid cars.”

* Find attached – the recommendations dedicated to the treatment of electric and hybrid vehicles to be adopted by ELV recycling centers:


MOBILIANS is the first movement of business leaders in automobile trade and repair and mobility services: cars, motorcycles, bicycles, industrial vehicles, scooters, etc. Our professional organization represents nearly 180,000 local businesses and 560,000 non-relocatable jobs throughout France. MOBILIANS defends the individual and collective interests of road mobility professionals and supports them in the development of their professions. It deploys prospective action for sustainable development and the promotion of individual or shared mobility in conjunction with all stakeholders.


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