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Mobilians Unveils First Barometer: Assessing Circular Economy Parts Integration in Repair Services

Mobilians is launching its first barometer in collaboration with GiPA, aiming to gauge industry professionals’ perceptions and readiness for accelerating the circular economy, specifically within maintenance and repair practices. This initiative targets the utilization of parts from the circular economy (PIEC) and strategies to expedite their implementation.


Mobilians Unveils First Barometer: Assessing Circular Economy Parts Integration in Repair Services p
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Partnering with GiPA, Mobilians initiated a barometer focusing on integrating PIEC among automotive repairers, encompassing a panel of 501 professionals from various repair domains. This ongoing endeavor plans to release annual barometers tracking progress through diverse indicators such as repairers’ awareness levels, their inclination to adopt PIEC, and more. The questionnaire within the barometer addresses both standard exchange parts and reused parts, allowing for detailed analysis of each category.

Reused automobile parts, sourced from end-of-life vehicles and rigorously prepared for reuse, and remanufactured parts, refurbished to match or exceed the original performance, constitute the PIEC components according to the decree of May 30, 2016.

Initial findings reveal a growing familiarity with PIEC among repairers, with 71% acknowledging familiarity with related regulations and 55% expressing a favorable stance towards incorporating PIEC in their services. Recent statistics from the SRA organization indicate a rising trend, with 15.5% of expert reports in collision repair involving at least one PIEC, showcasing an upward trajectory from previous years, signifying evolving practices and professional commitment towards the circular economy.

However, the results underscore a knowledge gap regarding circular economy parts, emphasizing the necessity for heightened awareness among professionals and the general public.

The barometer, in collaboration with GiPA, identifies prevailing challenges hindering PIEC integration among repairers: concerns over reliability (70%), fears of potential issues with these parts (50%), network preference for new parts (38%), absence of guarantees (33%), parts unavailability (32%), customer reluctance (31%), and logistical constraints (18%).

In response, Mobilians has initiated an awareness campaign targeting professionals to foster conducive conditions for promoting PIEC adoption among repairers.

It’s crucial to note that PIECs offer equivalent guarantees to new parts: ELV centers undergo Qualicert certification, ensuring the quality of reused parts, while remanufactured parts adhere to strict technical specifications in collaboration with original manufacturers, ensuring high-quality production processes. Mobilians plans to release its barometer annually to track developments, alongside organizing awareness sessions and informative campaigns among professionals to disseminate information and encourage best practices in this domain.