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Multibreves – Taking your auto recycling yard to the next level

Vicente Comesaña, CEO of Multibreves Network S.L., a Spain-based company offering software for auto recyclers to sell second-hand parts online in Europe, discusses how his company can help your auto recycling yard sell more parts.


Multibreves - Taking your auto recycling yard to the next level p

There are many examples of companies in all sectors and of all sizes that have been displaced from the market by competitors that are better aligned with these new technological times. So will you risk your company’s future by not assuming this reality?

There is no turning back; there is a generation of ’technological natives’ that will be the consumers of the future. Therefore, how will you deal with it if your business is not digitized? 

At Multibreves, we have specialized in the digitization of auto recycling yards in Europe for more than eight years. Today we move more than 10,000,000 parts from the stocks of auto recycling yards through a variety of online platforms throughout Europe.

The process is divided into three parts:

  • Consulting

For almost a decade, we have gained a lot of experience in digitizing hundreds of auto recycling yards. We have helped them (and continue to help them) to improve their work processes to lead them to have successful online sales.

Online platforms have requirements to which you will have to adapt, and those mandatory requirements will lead you to change or improve many processes within your company to adjust to these modern times.

If you have someone on your side to tell you how to perform/optimize those work processes, your adaptation will be faster. You will reach success sooner, and it will cost you less money.

It’s not one thing you do that creates success. It’s an accumulation of all the little things that lead you in the right direction. That’s how we want the Multibreves suite of services to work.

  • Technology

We have made data connectors with different dismantlers’ management software in the market. This is our specialty, and we can connect your management software with our system.

We have input APIs for the reception of data as well as output APIs for the delivery of data and metadata to online platforms, and we keep them fully updated. If your software allows it, we can put the order directly from the platform into your software to save you the time of data transfer when invoicing. You only have to take care of improving your processes within the yard, and we will take care of the connectors and updates.

Your parts description will be translated with a professional translation into English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish; in this way, if we publish your parts in another country different from yours, you will be able to compete with local sellers in the same language. With a single connector, you reach the best online platforms in Europe.

  • Account management

We know that online platforms and the marketplace of reference sell a lot because the buyer feels safe when buying. Before any discrepancy between buyer and seller, the platform has processes to resolve any incidents, and of course, if things are not done well, the buyer will benefit the most.

Nowadays, it is essential that seller reviews are positive; the better your review rating, the better your positioning will be within the platform, ensuring more sales.

At Multibreves, we will assign you to an Account Manager (AM) who will monitor you daily and provide ongoing training. The AM will be available to assist you if any incidents occur during the sales process. What would take you years to learn, with us, you have it from the beginning, and you will start selling more sooner.

We have Account Managers who speak English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. 

Multibreves - Taking your auto recycling yard to the next level p two

On which international platforms will we publish your parts?

eBay: World leaders in m-commerce with 174 million online customers buying 80 million parts, and eBay sells a part every 3 seconds. 

Reparcar: Of French origin, it is a platform with B2C and B2B customer service, with a centralized European offer. 

Totalparts: Originating from the Netherlands, it is a platform with a professional service that includes selling auto parts from all over Europe.

Used World Parts (UWP): A platform that brings together the main auto recycling yards in Europe, forming an international cooperation network with platforms specialized in the sale of spare parts.

Aliexpress: A well-known marketplace where you can also sell second-hand parts. 

Google Shopping: Google Shopping is a function of Google Ads in which you can promote products (with an image, a title and prices) of an eCommerce, which are related to a specific organic search within the search engine.

Qaplá: From Multibreves, we wanted to close the circle and give a 360º service to our customers, for which we have agreed with the Qaplá platform. It is a software for the management of shipments, labels and tracking for your online sales, and all monitored from a single platform in real-time. 

Our goal is to be an intermediate technical platform throughout Europe which links dismantlers and marketplaces, where we can develop what we like, treating and publishing their parts with the best guarantees for sale to our customers.

Our team is multidisciplinary and consists of computer engineers, telecommunications engineers and managers highly specialised in the knowledge of the marketplace and online sales.

For more information, visit: or call + 34 639 16 93 53