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NeroForce joins the AZuR network

AZuR, the innovation forum for scrap tyre recycling, continues to grow with new partner, NeroForce, a German brand for the tyre and retreading industry.


NeroForce joins the AZuR network p

NeroForce sees the retreading of tyres (cars, trucks, EM, industry and tyres for the aviation industry) as a significant ecological advantage. 

In order to realise this ecological advantage as economically as possible, only selected, high-quality and modern tools and materials should be used in the retreading industry. 

Tools developed by NeroForce, specially put together for the application area of ​​tyre retreading, are, for example, efficient grinding tools and reaming systems. For tyre repairs, in addition to all the tools required, high-quality repair patches for cars, trucks, farm tractors and EM are offered under the in-house brand MAXBOND.

Since 2019, NeroForce has been encouraging and supporting people’s abilities to use their experience to manifest and further improve quality and innovation through clever processes – from planning to the finished product to after-sales service. They believe in the future of retreading, firmly convinced that the reuse of complex products such as tires or conveyor belts makes economic and ecological sense and that quality and innovation will continue to prove themselves in the future. A Germany-based company that develops, produces and sells carefully selected, high-quality consumables, tools and machines for the tire and retreading industry.

AZuR has been working in 2020, committed to finding new and pioneering ways for the recycling of used tyres. The current 38 companies, associations, organisations and research institutions that belong to the AZuR network are all related to the tyre or recycling industry and pursue the common goal of recycling used tyres as 100% as possible, reducing the pile of used tyres and thus conserving resources.

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