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BIR 2024

Netherland vehicle dismantlers collect first-aid kits for Ukraine

An article on Green Light, powered by ARN (Auto Recycling Netherlands), discusses the support for the Ukraine that their industry is offering by collecting first-aid kits found in scrap cars.


Netherland vehicle dismantlers collect first-aid kits for Ukraine p

‘Every year, nearly 200,000 end-of-life cars arrive at car dismantling companies for dismantling. Many of these scrap cars contain a first aid kit or first aid kit that has never been used. Car dismantling companies have taken the initiative to collect these first aid kits for Ukraine, where there is an acute shortage of medical devices. ARN, Auto Recycling Nederland, and industry association Stiba support the initiative.

Jeroen Boer, Manager of Car Dismantling Klaas Boer said:

“We think it’s important to do something positive together for the people in Ukraine.” He added: “We collect the first-aid kits from as many car dismantling companies as possible. From a central location in the country, a pallet with first aid kits and first aid kits is transported with one of the many trucks that drive daily to the aid organizations on the border with Ukraine.”

Anyone can contribute to this action to support the people of Ukraine. We ask people to see if they have a spare first aid kit or if they have an unused first aid kit somewhere. They can bring these to the local car dismantling company that is affiliated with ARN and/or sector organization Stiba.

They ensure that the material ends up in the right place. The companies affiliated with ARN and the companies affiliated with Stiba can be found at or

With this national approach, we support the people who need our help the most. We are counting on a large number of participants. Thank you very much for everyone’s contribution!’