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OARA Annual Convention provides valuable insight to the auto recycling industry

The Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) held its annual Convention and Trade Show in Mississauga from March 30 – April 01, with over 400 attendees from diverse segments of the automotive industry participating in the event.


OARA Annual Convention provides valuable insight to the auto recycling industry p

The event kicked off with the Automotive Recyclers of Canada’s (ARC) EV Roundtable, which saw more than 75 attendees engage in discussions about the implications of electric vehicles on the automotive aftermarket. Steve Fletcher, the managing director of ARC, environmental consultant Maria Kelleher, Jeff Haltrecht of Call2Recycle, and Ryan Mandell of Mitchell International delivered informative presentations before opening the floor for questions.

The OARA Board held their annual general meeting before the speaker sessions began, with Steve Fletcher and Greg Woodbeck delivering updates on OARA’s activities and industry trends. The event also featured keynote speeches, panel discussions, and presentations on a range of topics, including human resources, sales, buying and inventory, and e-commerce.

One of the speakers, Rob Rainwater, a consultant for Profit Team Consulting, emphasized the importance of managing customers’ perceptions of a business. Rainwater noted that perception is a mental impression of something that defines how we see it, regardless of the truth. He advised auto recyclers and other automotive businesses to construct a business promise and stick to it to ensure that their whole team is on board with the company’s perception.

Another speaker, Ryan Mandell of Mitchell International, discussed the effects of electrification on the auto recycling, collision repair, and auto insurance claims. He highlighted that loss ratios, including paid claims and adjustment expenses, are trending upwards, along with premium costs. Mandell also revealed data from Mitchell’s platform, showing that OEM parts prices increased by 12.44 percent, while aftermarket parts prices increased by 18.20 percent.

The event also featured a panel discussion on the future of auto recycling, which focused on the need to consider both recycling and reuse. David Gold of Standard Auto Wreckers and Dalbert Livingston of Island Auto Supply were among the panelists, while Rob Rainwater moderated the discussion.

The trade show opened on Friday afternoon, with exhibitors showcasing their products and services. Attendees had the opportunity to network and learn about the latest industry trends.

After a charity social event on Friday night, attendees returned to the conference room on Saturday morning for further panel discussions. The panels covered topics such as human resources and making sales, with speakers including Michael Carcone of Carcone’s Auto Recycling, Fallon Clarke of Plazek’s Auto Recycling, and Natalie Miller of Miller’s Auto Recycling.

The event also featured a keynote speech from Dr Kimberley Amirault-Ryan, a performance consultant who has worked with the NHL, NBA, and Olympians. Her speech was well-received by the audience, who listened to her talk with awe.

The event concluded with presentations on e-commerce and buying and inventory, with speakers including Theresa Colbert of, JC and Holly Cahill, Matt Henderson of Carcone’s, Bill Noack of Valley Automotive, and Derek Nissan of Hank’s Auto Wreckers. The event also saw the raffling off of two complimentary trips to the United Recyclers Group (URG) and the ARA Convention in Kansas City.

Overall, the OARA Convention and Trade Show was a success, providing attendees with valuable insights into the automotive industry and an opportunity to network with their peers. The event highlighted the importance of staying informed about the latest industry trends and working to improve customers’ perceptions of businesses.