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Opisto – a must for auto recycling professionals

With ten years of expertise, Opisto is now a leader in France for supplying re-used spare parts to automotive professionals. By doubling its workforce, the company is strengthening this position.

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With 3.2M spare parts on its marketplaces ( &, coming directly from its 174 approved partner ELV Centres, today, Opisto is a must on the french market.

Very satisfying 2020 results

Recyclers, repairers, distributors, consumers… thanks to Opisto, the results are positive for everyone!

The company ends 2020 with positive growth and exceeds its objectives for January, February and March 2021. Even if sales on the and marketplaces have experienced the ‘stop and go’ of the repair activity observed between April and May 2020, since then, the flow of transactions has been on an ascending curve which continues its trajectory at the start of 2021.

In addition to the health restrictions that guide individuals and professionals to online commerce, the attractive price and ease of access to a national supply of re-used parts are growth levers.

Levers even more powerful as the stock grows with 3.2 million pieces (+ 26% in 2020) available for sale in real-time on the and sales platforms, just like the number of online sellers, which reaches the 174 ELV Centres approved as partners. The potential is still exponential with, to date, 9.9 million computerised re-used spare parts (+ 13% in 2020) thanks to the Opisto 360 software. Opisto 360 supports the ELV Centres on a daily basis. It makes their digitalisation possible and facilitates the management of their administrative tasks, invoicing, sales management and the management of their stock.

In 2020, enabled more than 21,500 repairers to stock up on re-use parts, thus boosting online transactions by 41% on, thus allowing 174 ELV Centre’s partners to generate a turnover of 17 million on the two Opisto platforms. Opisto is positioned as a key leader in spare parts coming from the Circular Economy in France. the specialised marketplace that operates in a buoyant market

The automobile is the second largest expense for French households. People can save 50 to 70% on their repair bill by choosing to buy used parts, compared to a new part—attractive prices for quality parts.

Laurent Assis Arantes, co-founder of Opisto said:

“For a long time, the re-used parts market was quite difficult to access and was opaque, which could have a deterrent effect. Digitisation has succeeded in removing the brakes: thanks to our Opisto software, the stocks of re-use parts dismantled by the End-of-Life Vehicle Centres are computerised and put online on platforms, general or specialised. Now people have access to a larger catalogue of parts available in real-time throughout the country, the quality of which is controlled, and which they can have delivered to their homes.”

Repair professionals, thanks to used parts, are becoming more competitive. First, they can offer a wider range of products because, with the digitisation of ELV centres, they have access to parts whose availability is sometimes no longer guaranteed by the manufacturer; then, they gain new clients, those who favour used parts and tighter budgets.

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The 21,500 users of have fully understood the attractiveness of the re-use part. Moreover, the number of users on the platform has increased by 147% for three years and turnover by 57% compared to 2019. While the price of new parts has increased by 11% over the past three years, the average basket of went from €140 in 2018 to €111 in 2020. This price reduction lowers their repairs cost, so they can now buy several used parts for a budget equivalent to a new part.

Opisto – an inspiring model

Opisto continues to affirm itself with new ideas, new partners and new ambitions for 2021.

After doubling its workforce to meet its production and R&D needs, the company consolidates its expertise in the re-used part market. It has many surprises in store for its partners and customers.

Find out more about and, and if you need more information about the Opisto 360 software dedicated to ELV Centres, please feel free to contact