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Fenix Auto Parts breaks record, increasing its users by almost 50%

For Opisto, leader in online distribution of used auto parts in France, October marked a new record for the company by registering more than 550,000 connections to its site. breaks record, increasing its users by almost 50% p

Having already experienced strong growth in the number of transactions in 2020 (, + 28% in 2020), Opisto noted an increase in the number of users by almost 50% in just one year, promising more than positive results in 2021 for end-of-life vehicle treatment centres sellers on the platform.

The number of online purchases of used car parts on Opisto continues to increase this year, which has createda really good opportunity for ELV Centers who distribute their stock on the platforms:, and

Gérard Davat, manager of the ELV Center called “SARL Multiservice” said:

“We don’t sell the same thing over the counter as we do online. We sell many parts that we have had in stock for a very long time, like ’exotic engines’  that we did not know what to do with. It (the online platform) also allowed us to get to know our stock and better showcase it, we have thus (re) discovered precious parts that we had stored with much precaution. The stock can be an advantage but also a dead weight. Today I would no longer be afraid of having a very large stock because I know how to manage it, computerize it and put it forward. If from the first COVID confinement we had had this tool, instead of €0 turnover, we would have made €10K more.”

About Opisto

Created in 2010 by two childhood friends in Toulouse, Opisto is now the leader in online distribution of used auto parts in France and a real driving force behind the digitization of automotive recycling. Thanks to its various platforms, Opisto makes it possible to computerize the stocks of used parts of ELV centers and recycling professionals and democratize access to used car parts from individuals and auto repair professionals.

Opisto is a registered trademark of the SACEO company. SACEO now has 35 employees, 479 approved ELV centers and more than 3.5 million re-use parts available on its various platforms. breaks record, increasing its users by almost 50% p five